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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

How are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day?

Answers (234)

  • I came home, ordered pizza and drank a couple bottles of Guiness while I played CoH and chatted to my friends online who were also drinking Guinness.  All in all, it was a good night.
  • Getting fucking hammered because it's my little brother's 21st birthday!
  • i don 't for one i'm not irish, two i'm not a catholic..and three its my grandad's birthday,,,our family has never celebrated st patrics day. just they way it is.
  •  Hot 4 inch Kelly Green heels! WooWho!  All week!
  • Да,это было весело!Мы с друзьями отмечали день Патрика в лесу. Первым делом,как водиться купили ящик пива,торт и взяли с собой пару девченок.После всего ;) решили напоить пивом прудовую рыбу;кто полез первым не помню,но... потом долго не мог избавиться от запаха тины и похмелья.В общем было весело... ;) 2rriy  
  • St. Patrick's Day is long over, though the mass drinking and hangovers might not be. There is one question that puzzles all of the pub-goers on St. Patrick's, "Whose idea was it to make green beer?"
  • Ano...... what ís St. Patrick's day??
  • St Patrick's day went unnoticed on me, not a spot of green . With the morning rush to get out the door for work . I didn't really know what day of the week it was, let alone the fact that it was St. Patrick's day. When I got to work it was brought to my attention within minutes of walking through the door that I had not worn green. For Half a second I questioned, why would I wear green? It was then I noticed the guy with the Green and white Cat In The Hat  style head gear and very proud of himself for remembering the day. Maybe someone could fill me in as to what I am actually supposed to celebrate on St Patrick's day. A couple of weeks before St Patrick's day I thought of stopping into McDonalds to see if they Still offer Shamrock shakes. I forgot to do that. So Maybe in 2009 I will celebrate St Patrick's day with a Shamrock Shake. If the green minty drinks are still offered.


  • I didn't have much for St. Patty's Day. Plus, I had to work. I wore a green shirt, green eye shadow and a matching head band. My fiancee just wore a green shirt too. We did nothing special.
  •  да как-то.. уж как повезёт Патрику - под настроение)))
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