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Party of Five

If you could invite four people-living or dead- to a dinner party, who would they be?

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  • Deceased family members.
  • It depends on what mood I'm in, I think. I'd prefer to have an evening with a different five people every night. Night 1 would be Religion Night. I'd have Adam, Ezekiel, One of Moses' least known assistants, and Thaddeus (or Barnabus or some other obscure disciple nobody remembers). These guys have some serious questions to answer, as well as an in-depth interview to endure. I'd have more obscure guys to interview the following weeks. Basically anybody who was named but not a part of any bible story in any significant fashion, and who has the true picture of what it's like to live day-to-day in that era. Nights 2-7 Below Cut Night 2 would be Osmosis Night. I'd have the original Inklings together, and just jot down ideas as they talk, and then the following week on that same night, I'd have Bram Stoker, Mary Shelly and the other guys together for another brainstorming session. Night 3 would be Invention Night. I'd get together five people who invented something we use every day, or a brand of something we use every day, such as the inventor of the GE Camera, the inventor of Winamp, the inventor of the VCR. I'd ask them how they each came up with their product, then try to cross germinate a new product as the more social of the inventors got to discussing whatever it is they'd be discussing. Night 4 would be Entertainment Night. I'd have the producers of Doctor Who (new and classic), Persons Unknown, Tomorrow People (new and classic), The Prisoner (new and classic), Neverending Story for a couple weeks, then the second in command people for George Lucas, Spielburg, Tim Burton, and the producers for Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Next Generation on other weeks. Night 5 would be Video Game Night. One night, I'd have the producers of Legend of Zelda, Guardian Legend, Toejam and Earl and SNK games, another week, I'd have other video game producers. Night 6 would be Game Night. Board games, paper, etc. I'd have the people who made stuff like Monopoly, Life, Clue, Dungeons and Dragons, Battletech, Candyland, and others sit down and play a game, and totally screw it up so it's something people would line up to buy at a store. Night 7 would be Grassy Knoll Night. Any unsolved mystery would be solved on this night. I'd have all the persons of interest at the table. Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, the Lindburgh Baby, Jack the Ripper's friend, the baby from Roseanne...
  • Gustav Klimt, Jason Mraz, Fiona Apple, Micheal Shapcott. I have others Id like to invite but i think this group would make a good mix. Since Kimt is dead I get to choose his age and il like him to me in his mis to late 30s at my party.
  • 1. Tora the guitarist of Alice Nine. He's my number one idol! I love him so much <3 2. Saga the bassist of Alice Nine. My second idol that I love so much xD 3. Isshi (R.I.P) the vocalist of Kaggra. yay! I love his voice so much. He's so amazing! So sad that I doesn't know him more when he's still alive.. :"( 4. Tomoko Hayakawa She's my favorite mangaka. I really love her work :3
  • If you could invite four people-living or dead- to a dinner party, who would they be?

    1. John Lennon (dead)
    My favorite Beatle. He is my idol.

    2. Grant Imahara (alive)
    My favorite Mythbuster. He could build a robot army to kill you or be hilarious.

    3. Bob Marley (dead)
    My favorite stoner/reggae icon. (I dont know that many) It will be an awesome but chill party.

    4. Judge Judy (alive)
    (She is only invited if she is OK with occasional bong hits and robot pranks) She can settle any arguement that may arise and might share a funny story or two.
  • Whitney Huston,Micheal Jackson, Steve The Crocodile hunter And John Cena. ppssh easy -_-
  • JFK Stalin Bin Laden Kaddafi Too many questions to ask...
  • The living ones, obviously. No-the undead ones! How fun would that be? So, Rasputin, Schrodinger's cat and... oh, I don't have enough for a joke. Nevermind.
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