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What is the best and worst quality about mankind?

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  • Best: They're given the smartest brain among all who can rule the world. Worst: Humankind never learn, and close their eyes from reality, running away from it instead of overcome it. Aside from that, I love this question.
  • Best quality: Unity

    Worst quality: Greed and Ignorance

  • The worst quality about man/woman kind is that most of us do not think before we speak, therefore we end up usually doing/saying something stupid, but in the end it usually is not out of hatred but out of love for the other person because the one person knows how the other person would react and would rather that that person be mad at them then anyone else in the world because that one person knows how to handle that other person and understands that they are hurting on a subconscious level somehow. And holy run-on sentence! Best quality about man/woman kind: people can forgive other people. Usually.
  • We have the ability to analyze situations (which is the best 'quality'), and so we think we are superior (worst). go figure.
  • Our endless maniacal appetite.
  • Greed
  • Our best quality, by far, is our ability to reason. Our worst would be our ability to completely and utterly ignore reason. =/ 

    That's reason as a verb, not a noun. 
    Think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic. To form conclusions, judgments, or inferances from facts or premises. The power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways.

    With reason we understand the world closer to what it really is, not as we want it to be.
  • The ability to love one another is such a good quality in mankind. But the fact that we have developed standards as part of a social acceptance of certain attributes is fucking horrible.
  • I think the best quality about mankind is our ability to feel compassionate towards others. There's nothing better than hearing about celebrities giving to charities or someone you know adopting a puppy or kitten from the Humane Society. The worst quality I think is our thirst for vengeance. We have destroyed many things in our attempts to avenge.
  • Man is quite creative and inventive but we lack big time in self control.
    We Dont care about the Animal Kingdom, it's totally ruined. And suffering for it.  We're VERY Wastefull and a bunch of Pigs.
    Could go on & on about this subject. I think the bad far out weighs the good.
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