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Writer's Block


School Ties

What is (or was) your college major? Do you use it for your career?

Answers (368)

  • My major is marketing. Possibly adding a minor in Sociology. I want to go into marketing reseacrh.
    Can;t wait to graduate
  • I'm majoring in sociology. I wouldn't call my occupation a career, exactly, but yes I do use ideas from what I've learned at my job.
  • Finance and I haven't actually started my career yet but of course I'll be using it... it's not like it's something like psychology >_> -hiiriken Math with a specialization in actuarial sciences. I hate that that answer is always so long, but yeah I'll be using it... How else am I going to make money? -chibi
  • My college major right now is Elementary Education with an endorsement in Reading. I will be going back after I graduate and getting additional endorsements in ELL and Humanities (Social Studies & Literacy). I'm using this for a future career as a teacher (or substitute, which ever happens). I want to teach middle school, but I know in this economy it may not happen and I am happy with anything 3rd grade and up. I'll probably end up going back in a year or so after graduation for my masters degree, but as of now the debt I'm going to be in is high enough so it may not happen.
  • Currently enrolled at school, majoring in History with a concentration in Public History.

    I usually get asked "What's Public History?", so here's a pretty simple answer: instead of burying myself in books (although it does occasionally happen, don't you worry), I am more concerned with making history and historical sites accessible and interesting to the public. That being said, I'd like to work in a museum or historical society.

    I'm fascinated with local history, especially that in my hometown of Buffalo, New York. Okay, I technically live in the suburbs, but I absolutely love the city. But it has a great (and sad) history, basically as a city that was on the verge of having everything until the Great Depression hit and industries collapsed in the 1970s. Buffalo is a "rust-belt" town, once heavily reliant on manufacturing that is no longer there. It works well, because I especially love industrial history and old steel mills--perfect for me, really. Actually hoping to volunteer at the Steel Plant Museum in Lackawanna, NY, where the Bethlehem Steel plant in Buffalo was located. Did you know that at one time, Buffalo out-produced the Steel City itself, Pittsburgh?

    Getting back to the question. I would love to use this as a career, to make people excited and interested in their local history. Civic knowledge leads the way to good citizenship and participation in civic activities and improvement of hometowns everywhere. I want to make history exciting, make it engaging, and make people fall in love with their hometowns.

    So...yeah. History. <3
  • I dropped out of college (and I regret that), but, my major was Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. I took Criminal Justice in high school and I am very interested in it. I would love to further my education, but I just cannot afford to at this point.
  • My major was business and I ended up opening a carpet cleaing business! http://www.carpetcleaninghighlandsranch.net/
  • My major in college was Small Animal Science. This then led to Veterinary School. As a veterinarian, I use it every day.
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities. Would it surprise you to know that I am, essentially, a college drop-out? No? I work at a movie theatre serving popcorn. How about now?
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