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My favorite memory

What is one of your favorite memories?

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  • Well, not many are available, but many moments in my life. Looking back in the 90's, the summer I got out of high school, and the first year at college. I also have more, but this will do for now.

  • Meeting my beloved Millie for the first time as a tiny small puppy.
  • Октябрь 2009г.в Крыму был великолепным +22 воздух и +20 море.Весь месяц ни одного дождя.В этот раз посетили Ливадию,Гурзуф,Партенит,Топловский женский монастырь.Купель св.Параскевы.
  • Ответ русского пенсионера на мировой кризис.Фото под надписью.
  • Meeting my stepdad for the first time, his amazing to me and way better then my biological father for many reasons
  • В октябре этого года к нам на дачу забрели два годовалых щенка,по-моему помесь волка с лайкой очень симпатичные и ласковые щенки.Мы с женой их накормили,напоили,а к вечеру нашёлся их хозяин- очень жалко было с ними расставаться.Я со щенками сфотографировался.Кто хочет может их увидеть здесь.
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  • Only 2 come to mind.

    The first one is making friends in middle school and having them change who I am, in good ways, and bad.

    Second one is the release of Half Blood Prince at borders. Just a shit ton of Harry Potters fan like myself, shitting themselves over then new book. I truly felt connected to all of these people and despite some idiotic "skater" kids pointing and laughing at one point, this is probably the best night of my life. This is also where I grew closer to one of my best friends in life.
  •  the second time i went to see lostprophets live was amazing. aiden and taking back sunday supporting. we ended up being pushed forward and were almost at the front, ian watkins standing really close at one point. almost ended up in a mosh pit lmao. will always remember it.
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