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In this perfect world

What is your idea of a perfect world? Why do you feel this way?

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  • The perfect world would be a place that doesn't have much sadness, no feeling of despair, no crime, no problems, and people just don't associate with each other. Sounds perfect. Other things, they bring problems. Also, in a perfect world, there is no anger or envy, because someone has something and we don't, and they wouldn't care one way or the other.
  • There are no unlockable doors
    There are no unwinable wars
    There are no unrightable wrongs Or unsingable songs.
    There are no unbeatable odds
    There are no believable gods
    There are no unnamable names
    Shall I say it again.
    There are no impossible dreams
    There are no invisible seams...
    There are no incriminal crimes
    There are no unrhymable rhymes
    There are no identical twins Or forgivable sins.
    There are no incurable ills
    There are no unkillable thrills...
    There are no unachevable goals
    There are no unsaveable souls
    No legitimate kings or queens, do you know what I mean?

    And no rat race, becouse all people are brothers and friends....


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  •  To me perfect, seems like being imperfect. People would all be the same. The world we have now has its issues, but i believe everything happens for a reason. Practice makes perfect, with all the lessons you learn in life that makes YOU into a better human being. If the world was so define, it would be boring to have people be excellent at everything they do. To me i think we have the perfect world now. I believe in a thing called karma, and it comes around to the people that do bad things. I feel this way deeply, it seems like our world is so corrupt, but life cant be everything you want.
  • Haha. I used the writer's block thing. how cool. I'm gonna think of 35 things I would want to have in a perfect world. okay, here goes me. 1. No one would be prejudice to any different races or different sexualities. 2. Everyone's taste in music would be one of the O's. Techno, Screamo, Ghetto. 3. Everyone could choose one super power that they would always have. And no one could be a super villain. haha. there's no loopholes! 4. Everyone would like me. xD 5. Republicans wouldn't exist. 6. When someone makes a decision, they'd know what the outcome would be beforehand so they don't screw stuff up. 7. Cookies would never burn. 8. Puppies.... everywhere. 9. It would be cool if everyone randomly sang in French at weird times. 10. Unicorns. 11. Things aren't as expensive as they are now. 12. 4 meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bedtime Snack :D 13. Shows that at least one person watches on TV won't get canceled. 14. All schools would start at 10 am. 15. Everyone restaurant would serve things that  I actually like to eat. 16. All the pandas in the world would be let loose from all the zoos and run wild. 17. I would own a panda. 18. Everyone could be friends with whomever they want. 19. Math isn't a required course. 20. All the current 'bad words' will be erased from everyone's memory so they won't say them anymore. 21. Theatre kids would be cool. 22. Instead of the bad words mentioned in #20, the word "hobotronic" would be used. 23. Everyone would have a mustache. 24. Nothing would be impossible. 25. Crying only lasted a few minutes. 26. Everyone could spell. 27. No one uses the wrong your/you're 28. People were honest in MySpace picture comments. 29. Child birth would be 'nbd'. 30. People wouldn't judge me when i say that i don't ever want to have a kid. I want to adopt and an Asian kid. That's like 6. So I don't have to deal with no ugly baby. 31. Everyone had an AIM. 32. Unlimited texting would be awarded to everyone. 33. People wouldn't play sports as much. 34. No one would be unhealthy. 35. That one girl at my school would shave her eyebrow. -sigh- Yeahhh.
  •  Heaven on Earth would be a Perfect World,  I have faith in God and believe that everyone chooses their own destiny and happiness.  If we all make the right choices (I am not perfect example of choices) and treat others with kindness and compassion, respect our earth,  We will all make it to a perfect World eventually.
  •  In a perfect world, nobody would ever, ever feel like an outcast. There would be no such thing as an unloved child, or an unwanted child. No person would ever have to  wonder where their next meal is going to come from. No child would ever have to watch as their parents self-destruct. No lovers would ever be torn apart by lies and deceit. Justice would be served in every situation, swift and complete. There would be no such thing as a unsolved crime.  Hunger would not be allowed to creep its way into any household. Every man, woman, or child would have a roof over their head. Too many people call a cardboard box home. Countless others cannot even lay claim to that luxury. Nobody would love a person so madly, so deeply, so completely, that they devote themselves blindly to that person, no matter the cost. Alcoholics wouldn't exist -I know, I know; this is a fantasy. The drop of liquor would never bring a plague upon innocent souls. There would be a fair balance between childhood and adolescence. No child would be corrupted by life's challenges, shortcomings, or misdealt cards. There would be no petty cliques, or popularity contests, or anything else that makes high school a living hell. Prejudice would find no room to grow and flourish. People would always say "I'm sorry." after they've hurt somebody. Grudges would not be held and maintained for years.  Oh, god- I could write a book about this. This is, of course, the ultimate Utopia. This isn't exactly a healthy balance of good and evil, though. There must be some unfairness in the world or there is nothing, in comparison, to make one act of kindness seem so grand.
  • A world a person can feel they belong, where they won't be shunned for their different interests and ideas. I feel this way because I've seen the bigotry and racism this world have shown to people who are just a little bit unique. And the fact that I never really found a sense of diversity growing up. I always stood out and was looking through the looking glass, the odd girl out. 
  • I have never thought there could be a perfect world.  However, in a world that could be better, people would stop allowing money to corrupt them and would, instead, lead the people based by what they SHOULD do, not by what would make them the most money.  When did it become about who was more charismatic as opposed to what they were going to do for the country and there are too many times people will say one thing and be very charismatic and then once they get in office, they don't DO what they said they would.  It's frustrating.  When did it stop being a good thing to say "Sorry I didn't get this done, I'm still trying" instead of placing blame and pointing fingers and making money... Anyway.

    I would also appreciate it if people, while not always LIKING what you do, would at least be cool with people who do different things than they do.  If things are between two consenting adults, let it go.  If a man wants to have a child, LET HIM.  If someone wants to be poly, let them be poly.  Just let people go as long as they're not doing something against someone's will. 

    Just my two cents on what would make things better.
  • I can give a name for the world, Azeroth :P

    Call me sad, but i love the history involved in it, its much more interesting than all the politics and bullshit of real life. Everything simple, good or bad.
    Thats the kind of world that i would like to live in.

    Plus, theres dragons! Who can argue with dragons? :D
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