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Writer's Block

Opposite Day

Who or what is your opposite?

Answers (183)

  • Who knows? Every day I got a new face
  • such a strange question that could be answered in so many ways... an 'opposite' is only a frame of mind, a concept made up by humans. I'm not sure if there is such a thing. If so... opposites attract, right? If that is the case, my opposite is my 'soul' mate, or the one I am bound to marry.
  • my father -.-"

    no offense 'cos that's the fact ~
  • I've waited awhile to write this one. Needed some time to think. But I really think my mentor at internship was/is my opposite. I'm done w/ internship. Yay! No paying job yet. Hiss!!! But yes, my mentor is all about having power over other ppl. She needs to be in control. Her counseling style is very directive, and she has no problem arguing with clients. She tends to think the worst of ppl, including me. ARound her, I felt like I could do nothing right, and like I was always in trouble. I don't feel the need to argue w/ clients. I think power struggles get us nowhere, and just cause clients to shut down. I'm not a control freak. I hate being told what to do, and feeling like someone is constantly breathing down my neck. I hated the level of favoritism, and how other interns got away w/ stuff. My sessions were always cut short. Other interns were allowed to be alone w/ clients. I think the other interns had mentors and supervisors who were far more lenient and flexible than mine was. And though I thought of requesting another mentor, I didn't think any of them would want me. Except for the case manager, but she's not allowed to have a personal intern. Though I would have gladly been her intern. I think I learned more from her thanfom anyone else, and I felt a lot more accepted by her. She didn't talk down to me. My mentor did. In short, I'm glad to be free of the stress that comes w/ being in constant conflict w/ someone, and not being allowed to express it. I think if I'd gotten paid to deal w/ this, it would have been a bit more worth it. Still looking for work. *sigh*
  • A vegan right wing conservative fantical Christian who dislikes laughter, music and fun
  • HE is my opposite.
  • He is my opposite!
  • Lately....myself 
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