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Recipe for Success

How do you become successful?

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  • Confidence!

    If you want to be successful in your interactions with others, you've got to convince them that their relationship with you is worth their investment of time. You don't have to know the answer to a question, but if you can make them believe that you can find it, you are succeeding. If you want to be successful with yourself, there is nothing better than believing that you can do what you set out to do. It sounds corny, yes, but look how far determination has taken people and it would not be worldwide if they were not internally convinced that their contributions and ideas would have any impact on the world.
  • When life gives you lemons, sell them at an overpriced rate, use the profits to buy more lemons.
    Do this until you've built up a multi-billion dollar lemon enterprise. Thanks Life.
  • I believe in myself. That's all. This is not always easy, but trying to do.
  • Success is truly a subjective concept. I personally become successful when I create achievable goals that I intend to work towards and accept the outcome of those goals. I also go about them with a positive outlook on my work, whether or not I am trying my best. I am easy going and hard working and know when to choose my battles. Basically, I am successful by believing that I am successful. =D
  • A lot of work!
  • I always focus on my goal,dedication and determination, faith in god and believe myself.
  • By staying focused on what you want.

    I'm not successful.

  • Quand on renvoie une image positive, sans défaut aux autres ou quand les autres nous voient tel qu'il voudrait eux-même être, alors la clef du succés est entre nos mains. Cependant cela reste le plus souvent une image sans réelle profondeur qu'il est facile de briser. Mais la vraie question est: le succés rend-il vraiment heureux ou est-ce juste un moyen de flatter notre égo. Ceux qui devraient vraiment avoir du succés sont les personnes qui apportent un plus dans leur domaine...
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