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A Bright Idea

What do you want to invent?

Answers (211)

  • *Precooked hamburger in the quantities necessary for spaghetti, chili and hamburger helper. *A water dish for dogs that works like a regular water faucet so you don't have to keep refilling it.
  • Soma, if it did the opposite. I feel like we all forget to actually feel the intense sometimes, and have so many ways to avoid doing so. I'd make something that manufactures true, temporary despair. We'd probably all recall better times and be more thankful for the experiences.
  • i honestly always wanted to write a book. but i could care less about grammar punctuation and i couldnt summon the time to write one chapter.

    so ill just invent a hangover cure. dont drink. I win.
  • A teleportation device. To be able to get anywhere, whether it was just to get to work, or to go anywhere in the world instantly or almoost instantly would be amazing.
  • Better clothes.

    • More durable, comfortable, flattering
    • jackets with more pockets
    • shoes that last & are comfortable
    • clothes that make you look like you are in charge
    • colours that don't fade
  • If I would be given the privilege to invent something,maybe I would want to invent something that would erase all those bad ideas or bad intentions of everybody...so that this world will not turn as bad as it is but would be a world full of beautiful things...interesting ideas..and productive people'
  • A self-peeling jacket potato.
  • Something that kills everyone except me

  • A sex toy that I haven't already tried yet. Like something that can thrust inside your anus AND vagina.
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