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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

What is your dream for your children?

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  • That they grow up with honesty and an openness for anything. That they can be who they want with little judgement and feel accepted and in turn I hope they can accept others. And mostly, I dream that they will want the same for their children.
  • Peace!
  • That they will grow up in an America where they're judged not by the color of their skin or by their gender or ideals or prosperity or sexuality but by the content of their character. An America that has finally rejected the regressive and anti-American notions of those who still preach the dominance of racism or smear my future children with the label of "privileged" because they've worked hard and made something of themselves. An America that is strong enough to do the right thing and then strong enough to do what will help America instead of spending my children's blood on some pointless moral crusade where there is no national interest. An America that embraces its roots and the timeless doctrines espoused by its founders emphasizing the unique importance of each individual person instead of miring itself in the miasma in which the rights and dignity of the individual are swallowed in arbitrary classification into a particular group. An America that celebrates the supreme importance of individual right to property in which each individual owns themselves, owns their past, and owns their future in a way that no person or group of persons can legitimately undo. An America in which it once again becomes virtuous to celebrate the awesome power and beauty of which the human mind is capable and returns, to the malarial swamps that spawned it, the celebration of all that is gross and evil in man's natural impulses. An America that neither constrains their worship nor tells them how they must worship. An America that accords them the basic right to defend the integrity of their own selves and the well-being of their neighbor against those who would seek to harm either. An America that will have nothing to do with the pernicious doctrine of political correctness and turns away from the evil encompassed in "hate crimes" law. In short, my dream is that my children will grow up in the America envisioned and intended by those that created it. I have this dream today.
  • For them to know they are loved and to know they can do anything they want. For them to know there are no limits, no bounds. There are infinite realities and unlimited possibilities. Who says the sky is the limit when there are foot steps on the moon?

    All that matters is they are happy.

    Also, I've decided -- and I decided this yesterday -- if I ever have a daughter or daughters, I am telling her/them they are loved everyday. (Well maybe not everyday when they're older! But every week works, yeah?)
  • Good health and success x 3
  • To keep them non-existent? ...
  • Or future children, more like. If I ever do have any.

    I suppose I want him/her/them to be happy and well-educated.

    Whenever my friend and I converse about our futures (because she is obsessed with doing this), I always tell her that I want my children to speak at least two different languages. I also hope they will inherit my love of reading.
  • My dream for my WHAT?!!??!?

    Bite your tongue!
  • Because Alex has come out on Facebook, I am comfortable stealing SBG's reply: "That being transgender won't be seen as a reason to be hated and reviled."

    People are who they are, whether it's Caucasian or White, or Black or African American, Native American or the descendants of Immigrants, monogamous or polygamous, born to their proper genders or transgender. I think I have fully decided, after a conversation I had yesterday, to stop saying "I accept you for..." because it's not my business to "accept."

    So there.

    With luck, my new "I Have A Dream" poster, that Andee will help me hang right over the television, will remind me.

  • My dream for my children is to let them experience the most amazing childhood they could ever have. I want to raise my children to let them explore their imaginations, to teach them to love deeply, to show them everything on the planet. I want them to be sososo happy and to boast about how happy they were growing up. I want them to forever feel like they can always come home and I want them to know that I will unconditionally love them, no matter how much they fuck up.
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