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Friday the 13th

Do you believe in any superstitions?

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  • Em, not really. Though i do believe in Karma, if that counts. 
  • I used to not, but now I most definitely do. I got my wisdom teeth removed on Friday the 13th. Worst experience of my life. I was super angry after I came out of the General anesthetic. I was crying like a young child. Then I had a allergic reaction to the anti-biotics. Also since i couldn't feel my lip i chewed a hole through it. Then i had an allergic reaction to the narcotics. Then i got stomach flu. Also, it was snowing beautifully outside and i couldnt play in it. I'm not f-ing around with Friday the 13th ever again. 
  • Not too many. I also think that the superstition being Friday the 13th is always an unlucky day is so untrue. i LOVE that day! its always fun to be 'superstitious' for a day/
  • Definitely. Don't put your shoes anywhere but the ground/floor or it's bad luck. Never go back inside for anything after you've already left and locked the door. There are a BUNCH more. I was brainwashed as a child. lol
  • Not really.  Most if not all superstitions are based on random religious things that people didn't know how to explain and to keep demons and evil spirits away.  Superstitions are silly to believe in honestly and when you look up the backgrounds on these superstitions it just gives you a good laugh.  To each their own I suppose if you think that good or bad things will happen by a random act...
  • Not seriously. I think it's fun to sometimes. Don't break mirrors, don't open umbrellas indoor, etc.
  • yes, about somethings

  • nope.
  • Nope not at all. Thank God!!
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