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Write a poem or share one that you like.

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  • "The Dark Night" a poem by St. John of the Cross 1. One dark night, fired with love's urgent longings - ah, the sheer grace! - I went out unseen, my house being now all stilled. 2. In darkness, and secure, by the secret ladder, disguised, - ah, the sheer grace! - in darkness and concealment, my house being now all stilled. 3. On that glad night, in secret, for no one saw me, nor did I look at anything, with no other light or guide than the one that burned in my heart. 4. This guided me more surely than the light of noon to where he was awaiting me - him I knew so well - there in a place where no one appeared. 5. O guiding night! O night more lovely than the dawn! O night that has united the Lover with his beloved, transforming the beloved in her Lover. 6. Upon my flowering breast which I kept wholly for him alone, there he lay sleeping, and I caressing him there in a breeze from the fanning cedars. 7. When the breeze blew from the turret, as I parted his hair, it wounded my neck with its gentle hand, suspending all my senses. 8. I abandoned and forgot myself, laying my face on my Beloved; all things ceased; I went out from myself, leaving my cares forgotten among the lilies.
  • I will sacrifice a freewill offering to you; I will praise your name, LORD, for it is good. Psalm 54:6 Photobucket
  • Intimations of Immortality by William Wordsworth Longfellow

  • Todo es hermoso y constante,
    Todo es música y razón,
    Y todo, como el diamante,
    Antes que luz es carbón.
    - José Martí
  • My hands were cold as ice It didn't feel very nice My arms had goosebumps on them I popped a pill like an m&m I was feeling a little crazy Feeling a little dizzy and hazy I felt my face so warm My thoughts growing like a storm I could sit still I felt another chill I started to move I got into the groove My body started to feel free This was a normal day for me Feeling all sorts of hot and cold Feeling so young never old Thoughts all over the place All different expressions on my face Mixed up feelings all the time Sometimes quiet as a mime
  • I'll fall away Save my emotions for another day nothing you can say can make me stay cause I'm falling, falling away Can't you see the pain that you're dealing me so shatter my belief
  • I must admit, I'm not a big fan of poetry. I know, bad me. But there is one poet I do really like and unfortunately she passed away a few days ago.
    So to honour her, I'll share with you my favorite poem.

    In Praise of Dreams

    In my dreams
    I paint like Vermeer van Delft.

    I speak fluent Greek
    and not just with the living.

    I drive a car
    that does what I want it to.

    I am gifted
    and write mighty epics.

    I hear voices
    as clearly as any venerable saint.

    My brilliance as a pianist
    would stun you.

    I fly the way we ought to,
    i.e., on my own.

    Falling from the roof,
    I tumble gently to the grass.

    I’ve got no problem
    breathing under water.

    I can’t complain:
    I’ve been able to locate Atlantis.

    It’s gratifying that I can always
    wake up before dying.

    As soon as war breaks out,
    I roll over on my other side.

    I’m a child of my age,
    but I don’t have to be.

    A few years ago
    I saw two suns.

    And the night before last a penguin,
    clear as day.

    Wislawa Szymborska
    View with a Grain of Sand (1996)

  • in a world of sparks and bombs, do flowers and trees exist? just barely. does one ever truly win the war? war wins war. look at the balance of daggers and sugarplums. constant push and pull. luckily until war wins, in a world of sparks and bombs, flowers and trees still exist. just barely. though. ps. and i am fight'n hard for 'em.
  • Don't Fear The Darkness by BP Think (me)
    A dream within a dream...

    the magic of depth.

    Ever changing, re-arranging...

    don't fear the darkness.

    Like the changing leaves...

    like the changing tides...

    Like the curving lines of fate,

    bent ever so slightly in our favour...

    just like these dreams.

    We are but a breath...

    an inhale of the world...

    just like a blade of grass...

    like these calm hours...

    Glowing of red,

    just like the fresh blood...

    fresh blood of the new generation...

    Don't fear the darkness.

  • We are all doomed.
    Doomed to love.
    To be enthralled by love.
    To fail at love.
    To pick up the pieces, dust ourselves off;
    Only to fail again.
    It's a beautiful tragedy.
    Embrace it.
    We never stood a chance anyway

    ~Gabe Saporta

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