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Writer's Block

Love Me Tender

What is your favorite Elvis Presley song?

Answers (356)

  • I like none of Elvis Presley's song; but then again are they even his?
  • Holy Gee! It's a difficult question! I really like 'Don't be cruel', 'Burning Love', 'The Lady Loves Me', 'Can't Help Falling In Love'...
    I guess it is 'Teddy Bear' <3
  • I remember Elvis's start. He was good and we enjoyed his "rockabilly' sound, but then he did "Love Me Tender" and I knew he was going to be a BIG star!! My other favorites are "Crying In the Chapel", "Are You Lonesome, Tonight","Blue Christmas" and "Wooden Heart".

  • Don't really care about the verses of this song, but the chorus strikes a chord in me...

    Come on home Cindy Cindy, Come on home Cindy Cindy
    Come on home Cindy Cindy, Come on home with me

    I'm thinking this is the song God is going to sing to me one day. No doubt, He'll sound even better than Elvis.
  • bosa nova, viva las vegas, rock a hula baby, teddy bear, the lady loves me, c'mon everybody
  • All Shook Up, hands down is my ultimate favorite. Although Can't Help Falling In Love comes in a very close second. With Burning Love in 3rd. 
  • Elvis was loved by many, he apologized to some and others he may have seemed to ignore, but he entertained, as some adored. In church others said too much gyration, At home, OH no; my daughter, God save the nation. And the greats who believed in freedom and environmental care said go with my blessing but please beware. All types of age old antedotes, arose to deal with what they could not cope, in an age that seemed out of the hands of the pope. But an American hero had arose with human faults and cares and "a dozen" thoeres. He stood for some in war he passed, and as old David did, he danced and danced. He was original, an Horatio Alger man, marketed, stoked and romanced. He made teens love, he made us think, his life was on stage and for Graceland he did think. But recently a tall girl she did stand, before me and in the shadow, I should have ran my hand trough that country hair and made her know that I love her just like the other Joe. But, I do stand for something too, a gentleman is who I do. A knightly, chilvarous thoughtful gent, who does not want his funds misspent. Who wishes all to live in peace to share and be of law-abiding speech. He went to conguer land a far for his country one and all at the bar. And cast aspersions I did see, I still believe in the free. Each song he sung was counted as one and the star he held made us sung. So yes I liked His tender song but each one touches me along.
  • My favorite Elvis song is definitely An American Trilogy.  The last part where the band builds up to the last verse gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.  I think its the build up, then the all male backup singers coming in and then Elvis that gives me that powerful feeling.  When I was young I enjoyed his earlier hits and the ones he sang in the movies.  Now that I am older I have come to appreciate the older Elvis and some of the songs that may not have been hits.   
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