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Writer's Block


Have you participated in Occupy Wall Street? Why or why not?

Answers (203)

  • No, I have not participated in Occupy Wall Street. Honestly, I do not believe the cause is effective. Will it really change anything? I am not oppose to fighting for what you believe and I do not knock any of those people that are participating. For me personally, I do not see them being able to make a change.
  • I would have if I had not had full time family responsibilities in a small town without a financial district, and being one of the 99% no money to get their either.
  • No; I'm not in America, let alone Wall Street. That said, there were Occupy protests in towns near me, and I considered joining just to show support for the Americans (Canada's banking problems aren't as bad, so I wouldn't really be protesting CANADA) but then the Calgary group started douchily asking for condoms and I realized in our country, only the idiots protest. For those who answered saying they don't know what it's about, you've obviously not bothered finding out. Wikipedia even has a very good write up on it, has for months. If you want to know one of the main issues, and want to do something about it, check out Wolf-PAC.

  • I could never be elected to public office. When I was a girl, I giggled when I was lying. I am older now. Lately I have developed a slow side-to-side rolling shake of the head when I edge towards the lying zone.
  • Seriously? There's enough flame wars involving Occupy Wall Street on the Internet without there being a Writer's Block question about it. Thanks for tearing more of us apart, whoever submitted this question.
  • I did not. Because I have no use for the sans culottes of the protest world. Don't know who the sans culottes are? Good thing to look up, says I.
  • May be. If it was an Occupy Kremlin.
  • Nope. I keep thinking about it, but I don't actually know what it's about, really.
    People have talked at me about it, no the con side, but I haven't gotten the pro side yet.
    The closest I came was being across the street from the camp in DC and also having a couple of marches pass by.
    There's a local occupy movement I don't know much about at all.

    I have declined to form a strong opinion until I research it.
    Now, reactions and drama related to the actual protests themselves (like the pepper spray cop, and other crackdowns) are a different matter.

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