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Writer's Block

Thank You Month

When was the last time you said thank you?

Answers (257)

  • I say thank you for just about everything. I really appreciate the people I encounter in my life.
  • I say "thank you" to people at least once almost everyday to the point that I've lost track.  I thank others when they give me something or help me out, especially when certain people have complained how ungrateful I am.  As I leave a store, restaurant, or something similar, I thank the workers for their services.  I guess the last time I said "thank you" would be a few hours ago.  I also thank God for the good things when I pray.
  • Few minutes ago when my boyfriend handed me a bottle of water. 
  • The last time I said thank you was a few hours ago when my friend handed the victorious me the joint after a quick 'ping-pong' decision to pass it around.

    However, the last time I said thank you in a truly sincere way was over the weekend when my mom was driving me back to school. She had picked me up for the day in order to get me a loaner phone as I had previously and idiotically flung my BlackBerry into a cup of orange juice and vodka. We had lunch with her boyfriend who had been told prior to eating that my dad has been giving me a hard time with paying for my schooling. He told me my mom was really working hard to put me through school seeing as how my biological dad apparently was being difficult.

    On the way to getting my loaner phone, my mom was telling me she'd do anything in her power to get my through university. She said she'd go to any extent just to put me through school. I hadn't realized just how hard my mom was working to get me through something so expensive.

    So, to be honest, I told her thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the work she was putting herself through in order to see me finish school. I told her thank you for everything - for picking me up from school, for giving me spending money, for washing my laundry when I visited, for cooking me homecooked meals when I was home. I really do appreciate her so much. I love her. 

  • C'était y'a pas longtemps, en fait. (Si on ne compte pas les "merci" de politesse, hein) C'était Vendredi à Aurélie (une copine de la fac).
  • I have noticed that over time I hear people's conversation with their children/parents/colleagues/peers and I hear less and less manners and respect for one another as time goes on. Now people talk with so much slang that if you around a different crowd, one might not be able to understand the whole conversation completely. Along with that manners in general I have noticed are taken for granted and go unnoticed by many. I always try to remember to say thank you when asking for or receiving something and try to remain humble. Hearing people talk ill-mannered in a scholastic setting, like on a university campus, is a pet peeve of mine. Communication is key and not remembering the simple things like thank you and your welcome is something we should be more aware of.
  • Today, when buying cigarettes
  • About an hour or two ago... I said thank you to my boyfriend, Spike, for a lovely night because we just went out on a date together. Maybe it wasn't really needed... but I dunno I just like him to know that I really appreciate hanging around him and such.
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