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All in the Family

How do you think having siblings (or not having siblings) affects who you are as a person?

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  • Doesn't really affect me, other than being an uncle to a bouncing baby girl, who i adore to death. :)
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  • Yes, I think it effects you. In my experience, people look for romantic partners who mirror their relationship with their siblings because their sibling relationships' form a dynamic they're comfortable with. If you don't have a sibling, you're not going to "click" with people the same way you would if you had a sibling.
  • I Think it made me more successful. I strived to be the best of all of them in everything I did because with 2 brothers and 2 sisters I didn't want to be a disappointment. I have always been a leader in everything I've done so I figured the better I did the better they would do. It didn't work out that way and in reality only managed to make my brother Jake look even worse in comparison but because I strived so hard to be successful to pull them all along with me it paid off for me in the end. If I didn't have siblings I might not have worked so hard. I am not sure.
  •  siblings are an important part of a person, if u think of it really..not that long ago i wasnt a sister and den outa now here i got a bay sister ...and it has showned me dat kids r hard work but either way being and only child is never fun, u always wanna b acompanied with sum 1 by ure side..its never good 2 be alone in a world like dis
  • Well, how has having a brother or sister shaped me who I am today? Well, I know for one, it'd be much more harder on my parents to let me go away to boarding school (the best deaf school in the country) if I was an only child because they lived too far away for me to be a day student. If not for my baby brother, I'd have not ever learned what it's like to have a baby live in the house and I remember I was so excited about his birth that I showed him off to my classmates at LDOS. He was my playmate when I was growing up even though we are seven years apart in our ages because it was hard for me to find friends to play with when I was home from boarding school. Now he's gone off into the marines, and I have to say I'm very proud to have a brother like him- and that through his being involved with the marines, I have a much deeper respect for the people who choose to serve our country and defend our freedom through marines, army, navy, and air force. I have an older sister who is three years older than me that I looked up to when I was a kid, I was forever following her around and wanting to do everything she was doing- dance lessons, play with her friends, etc. She now has two little kids of her own and I'm learning a few things from that experience whenever I see them, and I predict I may be calling her up more often when that happens to me eventually- just not yet. That's one other thing I'm glad for having an older sister, she gets to do all the things first (getting married and having kids). I can watch and learn from her as I go. One thing I wish my sibliings would do is respect my deafness. My sis has known me for all of my life and my bro has known me for all of his life but they still don't use sign language or even try to take time to learn to use it to communicate with me even though I didn't learn to use sign language until I was in college. I mean sure I talk just fine and I lipread but the one thing I'm finding it harder to ignore now is how left out I am at family gatherings because the main form of communication is speaking english and listening. I can't listen and I can't follow big group discussions very well let alone small groups either unless they were signing, then it'd be easier for me to participate and share my thoughts or whatever. My sister doesn't practice signing with her kids and that'd make my life easier if I could communicate with them because right now, I still have difficulty understanding what my nephew says. But other than that, my siblings did play a big role in who I became growing up.
  • Hmm well they help shape you to the person who you are...
    Wow this deff. applies to me. having a younger sister has deff. made me less mature
    than someone who has no siblings. as a 10..12.. year old i always
    hung out with the neighborhood kids. and considering they are all younger
    than me. makes me like them. i know for a fact that i am way more
    immature than anyone. its just me. some days i do wish i wasnt but 
    then again you have your whole life to grow up, why rush it.

    gooday mate ;]
  • Мой брат старше меня на год, и могу сказать, что мы очень сильно повлияли друг на друга. Мы очень любим друг друга. Жека воспитывал меня с моего рождения, (хотя сам был крошкой). Наверное благодаря ему и ещё двоюродному брату Валере, я всегда больше дружила с мальчишками, мне всегда было с ними проще и интереснее, чем с девченками. Благодаря брату я всегда стремилась стать лучше, добивалась чего-то, догоняла его... И вообще, я такая, какая я есть благодаря моим родителям и моему братику :)))
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