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Work & Self-Worth

Does your current occupation affect your self-worth?

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  • Nah, I have all the self worth I need.
  • No, but many times, we never know if the work is what we are meant for,

  • No. God says my worth is far above rubies. That works for me.

  • Hmm, I often wonder, since I never really know what my status is, other than I don't know what to think most of the time
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  •  my current job is as a CNA at an assisted living facility for the elderly who have dimentia.

    this job has definitely affected my self-worth in so many ways...

    every time i go into work i know that i am making a positive impact on someone's life...

    i have the honor of ushering people into the next life...and in the meantime making them feel loved and safe in this transition.

    i understand them...because i see them.  they are trapped...on the inside...but i can see past their deteriorating body...

    i love them more and more each and every day...

    and when i come to the threshold... i would want to know that i was safe and being taken care of.  that i was not forgotten...and that i was not alone.

    so yes... it adds a great deal to my self-worth.  they can't remember me...they don't know who i am...or what i am doing to help them.  but the job is the reward in itself.  i am very happy here...
  • Yes. It's hard to think of yourself as being worth anything at all when everyone around you thinks they're better than you.
  • There are days I come home feeling great... and there are days I come home feeling like slaughtering all of mankind (kidding, kidding). You got it, I'm in retail, baby. A cashier, to be exact. And my philosophy teacher's got it right: "Those who work in customer service have their hands on the pulse of humanity, and it's not the good part." I am all for customer service and all, but there has got to be a line somewhere. Can't there be some unwritten law (hm, the Golden Rule, perhaps?) that tells customers to be courteous and patient and understanding? For instance: If we don't have it, we don't have it. I can direct you to a store that does have it... in fact, I can call them for you to be sure they hold it for you! No rain checks, sorry. I didn't make the rules. I just follow them so the Powers that Be don't fire my ass. I am not knowledgeable about every goddamn product this particular store carries. I'm a cashier, who also stocks the shelves from time to time. My job is to tally up everything you're taking from this store to your home and/or business and taking your hard-earned money in exchange for the merchandise you want. I'm very sorry the [insert whatever department] expert is busy with another customer. You're going to have to wait your turn. I'm sorry there is not another [whatever department associate] is not working today to help you, too. You'll have to take that up with corporate, since they assign our assistant manager the hours we're allocated for this week. Oh, wow, there are so many more smart answers I could dish out... all I have to say is, like I told , we're all in this together. The reason customer service associates exist is to make the lives of other customer service associates brighter. We know what it's like. We'll be patient! :) But to tie this all together... my job makes me feel like shit, the majority of the time. I hate being talked to and hollered at like a child. I especially hate being told by some punk that I'm not doing my job right. But, looking at the brighter side of it all... I gave you my argument (the "we're in this together" bit). Also, my job forces me to get my ass in gear to work hard for my A.S. (I'll be achieving that in May!!), and my B.S. (hopefully) in two years. After that, no more retail for me!! I'll have an actual career, so I'll never need to work another day in my life. *Puff puff* It's good to write an actual journal entry again, for a change. Thanks, LJ Writer's Block!! :D
  • Yes, it does.  I cannot say that it is either good or bad.  I am an exotic dancer.  In other words, I am a stripper.  It takes care of my daughter and my bills, so its not degrading, but then again, I am taking my clothes off for money.  Granted, I am not a prostitute, but my body is for my husband to see, not other guys.  But, I honestly can't say that it hurts or helps my self-worth.  I guess it really depends on the day.  Some days I am okay with it, and others I cry because I am doing it.  So, I dont really know how to answer that question!
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