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Merry Christmas

What is the best present you received this year?

Answers (357)

  • A house.
  • I like that no one close to me died in 2011. I like that (well, I learned this after Christmas) I got a 4.0 this semester. I really loved going to Disney World for Christmas - it would be just lovely if we made plans to go back this year! I know I'm not the only one in my family who wouldn't mind that... The last best present I got for Christmas was an owl necklace that cost ~$800. It is beautiful, but it is something that I will only wear when traveling because it reminds me of my grandmother. My grandma always wore a gold necklace of a young girl in pigtails which was supposed to represent me whenever she traveled, so I am going to do the same with her.
  • my ipad!!! Love it!!
  • Alpha gave me Rope. hehe ^_^
  • The best gift that I received this Christmas, was to have my stepmother and my mother together at my home, as well as the fact, that they've rekindled a friendship that had been estranged for the past 30+ years, due to outside interference. 

    The second best, was that my daughter gifted me with a Kindle Fire!!!  :D
  • A printer/scanner:D Cheering in glee aside from my other gifts looking like such a nerd when I unwrapped it
  • considering that its the second day of the year so far it would have to be the only present ive gotten this year. which mum randomly brought at the spencervill park fareand it was white tiger soft toy that, if i answered this last year i would say the mickey mouse healing bead braclet i got from mum and dad for xmas
  • my beautiful Pandora bracelet from Doug!!!!
  • perfume hehehehe :)
  • Hans Christian Anderson The Complete Fairytales from the Wordsworth Library Collection.
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