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Santa Claus is coming to town

At what age did you stop believing in Santa?

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  • never still i believe to Santa Claus!

  • I never believed in Santa Claus. I was a devout Jew from the day I was born in 1968 to the day I converted to Methodism (With elements of Congregational Protestantism thrown in) in May 7, 1992.  It's hard for a devout Jew attending three seperate elementry schools (Crow Island School, Bell School and Central School) in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois to believe in Santa Cluas.  There never were any room in Judiasm and the December holiday of Hannukah for Santa Claus.  I didn't even get my first Christmas tree until 1992.  Even then, my heart and mind was still partially rooted in Hannukah beliefs.     
  • Are you on Santa’s nice or naughty list?

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    I don't think I ever believed in Santa Claus... well, not the way people usually believed.  When I was a little, I thought that Santa Claus was just another person in the world who delivers gifts on Christmas.  My belief was somewhat confirmed during preschool when I noticed that the face of Santa Claus was different every time.  However, as I got older and learned to tell apart fact and fiction, I began to wonder how a person could tell if we've been bad or good, or if we were sleeping when he couldn't see us.  Another question was how people could slide down chimneys.  That's why in elementary school, I wasn't surprised when my parents confirmed my suspicions with the truth.

    If Santa Claus were real, then I would like to be on the nice list.  That would be one of the best presents ever.  However, I would most likely be on Santa's naughty list because I am a bad person who can't do anything right.  For example, I get nothing done and just get people upset.
  •   A good question, I think it's different for everyone.  I think it depends on a number of things, their environment, how sheltered-a-life they are leading.   It depends on our emotional development.  When we are striving to make our own decisions about life, we look back and see a need for questioning many things we took for granted.  We want to be adult.  We ask ourslelves, do people my age beleive in Santa Claus?   When we lose most of the magic of youth.  When upon spying a dust mote, we no longer drift into a magical kingdom of our own brilliant creation.   This loss of the magic of youth happens very slowly over several years.  As our desire for the opposite sex increases, so does our rationalisation of what we must say and do to appear more adult to the objects of our desires. 
  • I was eight. My dad was overseas and I was living with my grandparents. My Mom was vising, and sent me and my sisters up to bed at some early hour - seven or eight, I think. I think I must have overheard them say something about presents, because as I walked up the stairs, I knew that it wasn't Santa putting gifts under the tree. I tried to deny it for a long time, and finally made peace with the whole Santa thing a few years ago.
  • I was 12 or 13 years old when I stopped believing in Santa. If I have kids I'll do the same for them as my mother did for me.
  • I cannot recall back that far. I only remember the extreme disappointment I felt when my daughter stopped believing in Santa Claus! 

    Christmas has not been the same since.
  • I stopped believing in that Fat bearded blimp of an elf when I was twelve.
  • too soon 5 or 6 dang grownups!
  • Not believe in Santa?  Mate, I am Santa :-P

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