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It’s the first day of winter

What do you love about the wintertime?

Answers (334)

  • Snow. In the event it doesn't snow [90% of the time] then the knowledge that it will soon be spring... and not cold for no good reason.
  • I live in one of the coldest parts of Canada. The past week's weather has been -43 with windchill everyday. I hate everything about winter.
  • I love the cold. I love to walk when it's cool out. I love Christmas and Christmas music....cold weather. Especially cold weather. Winter is my favourite time of year.
  • There are very few things I like about the wintertime: Christmastime (and all related things), snow when it just fell and it's not all brown and dirty (we still haven't had any yet! just minor flurries), and what New York City looks like (but I guess that goes under Christmas). Otherwise I hate the cold and I hate the wardrobe. Also, on Long Island, it just seems to last forever :(
  • I love the snow. The dripping of water from the icicles on the roof onto the snow on your front porch. Being able to sit in front of the fire and watch movies and read books with a legit excuse. Hearing the drip drop at night. Stepping outside and letting snow fall onto your tongue. 
  • I love that when it snows, it's like you are living in a whole new world. It doesn't seem like the same place as it was when it was warm, though I've lived here for many winters so it is generally the same place every year. I used to hate snow and cold and winter, and I still don't like being cold but I know that I enjoy a change of scenery, so I can put up with it. Sledding is fun too!
  • well, where i'm from, it's not snowing. and it doesn't snow. ever. 
    maybe this one time where people said it was snowing in the city but i wasn't there, so i refuse to believe it. 

    but yeah right now it's summerrrr but you really can't see difference cause it rains nearly everyday-ish.

    things i love about winter: (not in particular order)

    • the cold
    • noodles
    • in winter, you can just add more clothes to give you warmth but in summer you have to take your clothes off until you have none (insert wink).
    • cuddling i guess? lol with siblings, tho.
    • the fog! i always pretend to smoke or something when there's one. im childlish so sue me. 
    • warm food.
    • snow :D
    • staying indoors (not that i don't do that everyday).
    • the weather

  • Well when I lived in the north it was the snow days and being out of school. Now being in Florida not much to enjoy but to be happy it doesn't get as cold and not having to drive in the snow.
  • I love winter for the cuddle moments. I am not abig fan of the cold. It gives me the opportunity to try new soup and bread recipes, cuddle up watch movies, and do other indoor things I feel guilty for doing when its nice outside. I do like to watch the snow fall on days I dont have to drive. Drinking hot tea or hot chocolate. On the rare occasion venture out in search of the frost flowers that only the cold weather can create. I like to ice skate as well.
  • oh i hate winter. thats why we plan on moving south soon
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