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Bah Humbug Day!

Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.

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  • That awkward hour when the person sitting next to you on the plane (whom you don't know)won't share the middle arm rest and extends their elbow into your air space while they sleep. I look around the plane to see if this is normal and spy a situation worse than mine. Decide then and there to extend grace to my neighbor because I am daily in need of grace myself. Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App
  • I won't watch a movie about teens killing teens. I feel strongly about that.
  • Freedom!!!
  • theres nothing to do today, just a boring day, probably just gonna watch movies and be lazy on the couch. i wish there was something to do.. im kindof bored!!! :)
  • I'm sick of you trying to force me into something. IT'S MY LIFE! just...ienio38ghnu3mphhydm,d;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pay you to help me through MY issues, not create more or talk about yourself!
  • I am so lethargic! I have so many plans to do things, albeit small things, and I hardly finish half of my list! Because I end up on my computer posting on livejournal! I also eat too much, lately. Just snack all day long at work... and at home. Generally, though, I know I can change it or accept it, those are my options. I just needed to rant =]
  • People being all screw the holidays. Don't care what you celebrate, holiday time is for the family.
  • i wish i could rant about the two things that have been truly pissing me off lately but that would take up far to much space and sense i would be ranting about certain people i know on a website i would have to watch how i say what i am thinking, and i dont want to have to censor myself
  • I know I talk ab​out this a lot but, SOCIETY. Forget that, I'm talking about a person named Reem. She's the one that destroyed my view on this world.
    She's self-centered, a teacher's pet, always in the limelight, and absolutely nerve-wracking. She just accepts the excuse "I'm okay" or "I'm tired" when I'm clearly using enough body language to symbolize that there is something wrong with me. She just goes on talking about whatever the hell she wants. I WANT HER TO FUCKING SHUT UP! She doesn't understand! How can she just let that slip by?! I thought I was her "best friend," not a third wheel! EVERYTHING HAS TO BE HER FUCKING WAY, WHY CAN'T SHE JUST ACCEPT THAT LIFE IS NOT A CAKEWALK SERVED UP ON A FUCKING SILVER SPOON?! EVERYONE IS ANNOYED BY HER, SHE CAN'T REALIZE THAT?! IS SHE THE PART OF SOCIETY THAT'S BLIND AS FUCK?! Jesus Christ, that's the first time I've ranted like that.

    Is she unable to see at all? Her life is perfect with loving parents, and I know that. She isn't hiding behind any mask or curtain. SHE JUST WANTS FUCKING ATTENTION! What if we don't listen to her for a few moments? SHE SAYS WE AREN'T PAYING ATTENTION TO HER WHEN WE'VE BEEN LISTENING TO HER ANNOYING, RAMBLING VOICE THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME! SHE'S AIR-HEADED AND JUST A BAD FRIEND! Why am I still friends with her? She's forcing me too because she knows my weak side. She knows I hate feeling guilty. Guess what Reem, I fucking hate you and I don't want to be your friend.

  • Just kidding. I'm tired of bah humbug. Sure I can always find reasons and yes if I think about some things I'll certainly get worried, but why bother? I'm finding Lene Lovich comforting right now. I have a friend who pretty much never posts anything negative. It's all "I'm gonna have a great day!" pretty much every day. Truthfully this throws me a bit, largely cause it seems less than spontaneous, sorta ritualistic but for all I know it helps her happy. If it does, yay. But truly I can't tell if it does. I'm happy to be alive, strangely this is always true even if I'm feeling very unhappy. How does that work? Funny how I remain so grateful for something that's a continuous given. Sometimes I wonder what I've forgotten. I feel like I know big fat secrets I just don't remember what they are. :) Love. Peace to you.
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