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White air

Is it snowing where you are right now?

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  • No, but there is snow on the ground :)
  • It started snowing yesterday. Moderate falling snow plus strong winds made for a rather rough bike riding adventure. I didn't make the entire bike riding journey that I was hoping for due to the weather. It's snowing now. It was light, then became moderate and now the falling snow is light again. I'm not sure how long the snow will last in Cleveland, Ohio. However, I'm going to enjoy winter as much as possible. Yes, the snow won't be much help in my job search efforts, but I'm sure I'll manage something. I'm very resourceful.
  • It did last night, finally!<3
  • No way it's gonna snow here (in Thailand) lol
  • Not at the moment.
    It's actually pretty mild today, looking outside which sucks because I skipped work today. And yesterday and the day before felt like -22 degrees Celsius. 

    It is rather gloomy though.
    Rather perfect for a cozy chair, cappuccino, and a good book... in my local Coffee House (Green Cup)--that, which I might do later this evening... or not. I don't really know. 

    I'm just savoring this "me" time, for a week now. 

    The view outside probably looks somewhat like London now. Gloomy and overcast with clouds. Ahh So long as the weather is mild and it doesn't snow. I could wear my shoes. :D I love my brown booties, but I get tired of wearing them and feeling so short. LOL, Sometimes I want to pretend I'm tall by wearing high heels...with my kick-ass umbrella which I use as my balancing stick, walking. Hahaha

    Yeah, I know.

    WTF. Indeed.
  • No, it isn't. My country only have 2 season. Dry and rain.
  • Nope in Florida
  • I thought so for a moment, but it's just dandruff.
  • No, this year the snow decided to not come ;) It snowed a bit of days ago on the mountain here but not where I live. Not that I complain, of course. I'm not a big fan of snow but this year it doesn't even seems December with these beautiful sunny days ;)
  • no but it would be awesome if it did 8D
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