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Writer's Block

B.Y.O.B. Holidays

Which December holidays do you celebrate, and why? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

Answers (645)

  • Christmas ;0
  • My family is all about Christmas because we are Christian. 
  • CHristmas and New Years
  • This year, I am celebrating Satanasmas.
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  • Hanukkah, for traditional reasons. I just can’t get into Yule and Co-oped Yule.
  • The Winter Solstice: because personally I like celebrating the changing of seasons. That, and it's the shortest day of the year, so I always have images of (and therefore cravings for) toasty fires and interesting drinks and watching the snow through frosted windows. Christmas: pass up presents? Me? It's mostly non-religious, with the exception of Ada wanting to go to the Christmas service at an Episcopal church some years, but it's on the same level as Thanksgiving in our house - probably because my mother's so New England and so traditional. I'm not complaining. New Year's: it's exciting! Why not celebrate it?! Though this year I'm probably going to have to work (some couple decided they wanted to get married in the theatre, WHICH IS WEIRD AND ANNOYS ME BECAUSE THAT SONG KEEPS GETTING STUCK IN MY HEAD), but if I have time and there's enough snow, I'm still going to carry out the tradition of making snowmen, even if I'm only still speaking to one of the three I created it with...

  • Several posts ago I wrote of which holiday I celebrate. Now, I will tell you how I celebrate...

    With bowed heart on bended knee.

    “We bow our hearts, We bend our knees, Oh Spirit come make us humble.” – Charlie Hall
  • Sinterklaas, it's a nice dutch festival where you put your shoe at the door and this dude called 'Sinterklaas' (The Good Saint) will put something chocolate in your shoe :)   (5th of December)
    Also to celebrate people draw tickets with each other's wishes on it and then build a 'surprise' around it. This year I celebrated again because I was invited over by my best friend's family, who still celebrate (It's kid's stuff really) and I built the 13-year old sister a Quidditch Field, with Harry, Ron and Hermione made from peanuts. And she got an Autograph from Tom Felton on her calender ^^

    Thanksgiving, I sort of tried to celebrate this year... Mostly cause I love Turkey, heh :)

    Christmas is always a nice time to be together. Enjoy good food, do some small presents as we can't afford too much. My ultimate Christmas spirit is setting up the tree. and sitting late at night with candles on, watching some silly movie together. (Though the best one was that Christmas Eve I spent in front of the fireplace with my Boyfriend.... awwww man now I want a boyfriend again, write myself depressed xD)

    New Year's Eve, again I have to say 'Good Food!', being together to close off the year and wishing each other a good new one :) Plus I like watching the fireworks, and getting to stay up reaaally late. And I always love the Stand-up new year's show.

    Yup... Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming.... (always cocacolaaaa..... I don't even like Cola, fizzy stuff :/)
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