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Writer's Block



Have you ever met anyone famous?

Answers (436)

  • I met (waited on) the actor Van Johnson when I was younger. I couldn't help smiling as I waited on him, and when he came in after that, he insisted on having "Smiley" wait on him. A truly nice guy. I also went to high school with the actor Peter MacNicol at MacArthur High in Irving Texas. He was an excellent actor even back then.
  • I've met Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), Claire Kramer (Glory from Buffy/Courtney from Bring It On) and Julie Benz (Darla from Buffy/Angel).
  • I've meet several Both Swedish and from other countries. The most well known would be; Eliajh Wood, Craig Parker, Robert Kneeper (T-bag in Prison Break), Billy Boyd. Swedish ones; Rock-Olga (Birgit Magnusson), Anders Ekborg, Ralf Edström (fotball player), Rikard Herrey, Peter Jöback, Camilla Läckeberg, Jonas Gardell with more.
  • Yes Viggo Mortensen!
  • Hmmm... let's see.... I've met a lot of famous people.  Sure, I do live in the LA area but contrary to popular belief, you don't just spot celebrities while walking down the street.  Sometimes, you do (hint: look for herds of paparazzi) but more often than not, if you want to see/meet a famous person in LA, you have to drop by on location shoots or premiere nights.  I had more luck meeting celebrities by sheer luck in New York City than the Entertainment Capital of the world.  (That would be Zachary Quinto and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.  Mr. Ferguson will always be the one who took my photo with ZQ.  Five minutes later, my friends and I met Jonathan Groff.)

    I haven't actually jotted down the "famous people" that I've seen/met.  There's a lot and I'm kind of Hollywood dumb.  They might be famous, it's just that... I didn't know who they are.  Okay, they're not famous in my consciousness.  XD  So I'll just list those "special" ones that I've met. 

    I've only ever been starstruck FOUR times.  Okay, five, if you considered being rendered speechless because a guy is so attractive he's looking at you.  Heh.

    I met Alexander Skarsgard twice.  And both times, he left me with my hands trembling.  When that smile, with that adorable overbite, is directed at you, I dare you to string two coherent words together.  The first time, I felt so special because he bypassed all the other fans in before me to sign my GK book.  The second time, I had a short conversation with him.  And it was caught on video.  I cannot wait for the True Blood season premiere this year.  (This be Starstruck Moment 1 & 2.)

    Speaking of Generation Kill, Stark Sands.  It was an amazing stroke of luck that when he began his run as Tunny in American Idiot on Broadway, I was also in NYC for an extended period of time.  That first ever time that I met him went down as one of my most awkward moments as well as Starstruck Moment 3.  After that, we were cool.  Haha!

    Apart from "Brad" and "Nate", I also met Jon Huertas.  Actually, I met the whole cast of Castle season 1-3 -- Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Seamus Deaver, Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan, Tamala Jones, and Ruben Santiago-Hudson.  But I was most excited about Jon.  He's... just the nicest!  I mean, he took the time to go to where my friend and I were (we dropped by on location) to say hi.  Since then, I met him at another premiere and he remembered me.  And oh, we saw American Idiot "together" (I got better seats lmao).  We talked about doing just that on that first time I met him.  We didn't meet up at St. James but he tweeted at me, even a pic of him inside the theatre when I asked where he was.  He said he saw me, I didn't see him.  Surreal, man.  I still can't wrap my head around it.

    Other GK boys that I've met/seen: Kellan Lutz, Rudy Reyes, Sal Alvarez, Rey Valentin, Nabil Elouahabi, Eric Nenninger.  If you haven't already heard, Generation Kill is the show of my heart. 

    Moving on to another fandom, Criminal MindsAJ Cook is probably one of the most beautiful people that I've ever seen in person.  Kirsten Vangsness IS Penelope Garcia.  Shemar Moore... if he's smokin' hot on TV, multiply that tenfold in person.  Rachel Nichols is so sweet, I became a fan of Seaver AFTER meeting her.  But the person that had me starstruck (#4)... Mr. Joe Mantegna.  There was something about him that had me speechless. 

    For Starstruck Moment #5, I guess anybody in my age group can probably relate.  Leonardo DiCaprio.  I think no one could blame me for almost crying like a child when I met him.  Y'all had no idea.  I have no words.  At least, nothing coherent.  Right then and there, my childhood was over.  (Well, when I met Christina Aguilera too.)

    Special mentions are: Carmine Giovinazzo of CSI: New YorkLin-Manuel Miranda of In The HeightsJohn Gallagher, Jr. of Spring Awakening and American Idiot Fiona Shaw of Harry Potter and True BloodAntonia Lofaso of Top Chef All-StarsConstantine Maroulis of American Idol 4 and Rock of Ages Kacie Shiek of HairMatthew Morrison of Glee (for the randomness of it).  Tony Vincent of WWRY and American Idiot (yes, I've seen him many times but you have no idea how much I really wanted to meet him). 

    And next week, I might add to this partial list.  I do have "Meet the Mythbusters" in my bucket list.  I cannot wait to cross that out very soon.  Also, the cast of Spartacus!!!
  • Russel Crowe, he was really nice actually. 
  • I haven't actually MET anyone famous, but I have a pretty good story about Tom Cruise.

    My senior year of high school the choir took a trip to New York City (by the way, I absolutely LOVED New York, but that's another story), and naturally we went to see Hairspray on Broadway.  A couple of minutes after the show began-- probably about the time the bum on his barroom stool was wishing Tracy luck on her way to school-- an usher led a couple of people to their seat in the fourth or fifth row.  Low and behold, it was TOM CRUISE AND KATIE HOLMES!  My friends and I all started whispering and pointing.  They were escorted back out of the theater a couple of minutes before intermission.  I was sitting in an aisle seat, and they walked right past me!  I could have reached out and touched Tom Cruise's arm, but the three burly bodyguards escorting them probably wouldn't have liked that very much. 

    At intermission we all turned on our phones even though we weren't supposed to use them in the theater to text our parents and friends about it.  When the lights dimmed again and ACT II began, we weren't even watching Tracy and her cronies sing about The Big Dollhouse.  We were all watching the back door, waiting for Tom and Katie to re-enter.  They did after a couple of minutes, and then everybody settled in to watch the show.  A couple of minutes before the end of "You Can't Stop the Beat," Tom waved to the woman playing Motormouth Maybelle, presumably a friend of theirs, and they exited the theater with their beefy bodyguards.

    That was the closest I've ever come to meeting a celebrity.
  • Ke$ha. That was freakin' awesome.  We talked for ages about how important living life to the max is.  She's such a bad influence :')
  • Yes, I have. Some are unintentional, though. Locally, I met Charice Pempengco, Michael V., Dennis Trillo, and some other local artists which names I don't know, and who went to school for drama shooting. Meeting the three named artists were the most memorable of them all. I cried when I met Dennis (I was a big fan before his child issue). I got scolded for going home late when I met Michael V. But I didn't mind at all. :P Who would when you just met your favourite childhood comedian? Meeting Charice was exciting! We were already at the venue two hours before the show, haha! But it was fun.

    Internationally, I only met Kpop artists, two Kpop bands. The first I met was the boy group U-kiss. I almost got the chance to meet them backstage but Korean staffs didn't allow any one other than staffs to enter backstage, so we were just ask to give each U-kiss members rose flowers while they sing As Long As You Love Me by Backstreet Boys. That was one of the most unforgettable moment in my fangirl world! I hugged Kevin, my favourite member! >< His wonderful smell lasted on my nose for days haha! :D Too bad though we weren't able have our albums signed. :( But I guess hugging them is more precious, right?

    The next Kpop artist I'm going to tell you is the most memorable that even when I die, it would be forever treasured. I met my most favourite Kpop boy group, Super Junior. I'm a HUGE fan of them! I met them when they had their third concert here in the country. I wasn't able to attend their second because of some circumstances. I went to the concert venue with my friends at twelve noon. We went for a little merchandise shopping, and I only bought a lightstick and a Sungmin fan. After we entered and had our seats, we had to wait for two hours more before the concert started. And when it started, oh gosh, I went to heaven, and I stayed there for the whole three-hour concert! When it was done, I was still in daze and everything felt just like a dream. Till now, the memory of it still lingers, and mind you, I have a very bad memory. :D

    Well, maybe I still have some other experiences but I forgot them :P Bad memory is bad. 
  • I met Alan Cumming at a book reading he did for Tommy's Tale when I was in Eighth grade and I was so Starstruck I could  hardly talk, because I adored Alan Cumming, and I had just gotten Herbtz equipment put on my teeth the day before I saw him (which, for those lucky enough to not know what that is, It is basically a hinge they put on your teeth to fix an overbite) so I couldn't smile right and when my dad took my picture with him it ended up looking like I was about to cry. I still had a lot of fun and it gave me a good story to tell though.

    I also got to Meet Terry Prattchet wen I went to a book signing event when "Making Money" came out and one of my friends happened to be there and I had a lot of fun there were so many people getting books signed though that he ended up having to take a break to soak his hand at one point. but I got a couple books signed and I got to take my picture with him but I ended up making a weird face cause the guy who took the picture didn't warn me before hand, but it looks like I'm having an Interesting conversation with him xD

    I also met Crispin Glover when he came around to do his IT Trilogy tour of his movies and I saw "It's Fine Everything is Fine" and he did a dramatic reading of some of his books. and It was fun and Interesting and He did a Q&A after the show and signed things afterward and I was flat broke but I stood in line anyway to talk to him and he was nice enough to sign my ticket stub and memo book when I asked him. I also met him again more recently when he did another run of the same show but it was a bit different this time and I saw his other film, "What is it?"  this time, there was a rather surreal thing in his film involving snails that reminded me of "Uzamaki" (the Japanese film and Manga), which I ended up telling him about when I got to talk to him and he seemed interested in it. I also had a friend with me and I had a bit of money to buy an actual book for him to sign. So I bought one of his books and My friend and I got to take our pictures with him but I ended up making a weird face again when the picture was taken, but at this point I almost feel as If awkward celebrity photos are a tradition, I kind of want to start an album xD

    And I also went with the same friend who saw crispin glover  to an event for "Fear Itself" at the comic store by my house and met Matt Fraction and got him to sign a comic for me and the "Fear Itself" event poster.

    I'm also pretty sure I was on the same flight home as my city's Mayor, Sam Adams, after returning from a trip to Washington DC, it was just a random act of Happenstance, and I didn't actually say anything to him but he has a pretty distinctive look.

    I think that's it for now but I'll probably have other stories in the future.

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