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What would you name a new planet?

Answers (309)

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  • Asgard
  • The planet would be called Happy Planet.  The capitol of Happy Planet would be called Happy Town.  In theory, Happy Planet is the happiest place to be.  The schools are happy places to learn.  The stores are happy places to shop at.  The restaurants are happy places to eat at.  The homes are happy places to live in.  All the television shows are happy and cheerful.  Even the music is happy and cheerful.  The Queen of Happy Planet is a very happy woman. 
    However, there's still poverty, disease and all the other problems that any civilization would have.  The only difference between Happy Planet and us is that Happy Planet is better at covering up their problems.  Political dissidence is punished with a trip to the happiest torture chambers on Earth where problem citizens are perforated with hundreds of sewing needles in the quest to seperate people from their immortal souls (Whatever that means).  Nobody insults the Happy Queen of Happy Planet and gets away with it.  Nobody was smiling when there was a revolt at the bread factory.  The Bread Factory revolt resulted in three thousand political protesters to be slaughtered.  Hey, at least the Bread Factory revolution fighters died with a smile on their face.  
    Let's not forget the Monster Pit found in the heart of Happy Town, the capitol of Happy Planet.  Nobody knows what type of monsters are found there.  Those who survived the sewing needle torture chamber machine always ends up there.  Have a nice day everybody.
  • Runatulan.

    For reasons only my brother and I understand.
    At least, I'm pretty sure we're the only ones who understand.
  • anything, but a number. that's just stupid.
  • Petunia :)) Planet Petunia
  • If it was bigger than Jupiter, I'd name it "Your Mom."
  • donnelleaus. the planet would be inhabited by the irish. the world sport would be pub-fighting. the world drink would be whiskey (with guinness as an honorable mention). everyone would be lovely with guns and knives and fighting, which would make it a world of badasses. and tommy would be king of the world, obviously.
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