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Writer's Block

The Last Time I Surprised Myself

When was the last time you surprised yourself?

Answers (232)

  • One time, when I got into a film festival, and another when I got something nice from a total stranger. Can't remember what it was.
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  •  chahahhehehhe
  •  Вчера - наконец-то зарегистрировалась в живом журнале:)
  • When I had my 26th birthday. I was surprised that I'm this old.
  •  Every morning when I look in the mirror I'm surprised one human being can just get more beautiful as each day goes by.
  • I'd have to say Sunday. I didn't expect myself to catch on as quickly as I did at the vet.
  • over the weekend i surprised myself by not being disappointed when my love came to town. i think i finally realized that we had just grown apart and i wasn't letting myself down but that it's just the way things go. it didn't hurt when he left, and it didn't hurt when he didn't come to see me the times i wanted him to. i was actually able to go to bed and sleep a full night even though i wanted to spend time with him instead. i was surprised then that when i did see him, i was able to calmly state what was on my mind and mean it when i said that i wouldn't hold it against him if he turned away from me. and i won't in fact sadly to say i would probably be better off if he did because then i wouldn't have that crutch about finding someone else, nor would i feel guilty about it because he hasn't. i want him to be happy but i deserve to be happy too and i am going to go looking for that happiness.
  •  Last time I surprised myself... I believe it was last week. I slept for more than 5 hours!
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