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Scents and sensibility

What is your favorite smell?

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  • chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.... :)
  • Burnt toast, lemons, cigarettes, rain.
  • mine has to be Lilacs on a really hot day....
  • Baby powder and rain.
  • Funny you should ask; I work for a perfume company. ;)

    Okay, this is going to be a multipart answer.  Ever since getting this job, I've been exposed to more fragrances and slowly, I'm beginning to recognize thems without even seeing the bottle. I've used that to my advantage a couple of times.  I've always liked perfumes and scents.  As my perfume collection grows, here are my favorites so far:

    A. Favorite scent in general: cooking garlic.  There's something very homey and comforting in that smell. It doesn't trigger any memories for me. I just like it.

    B. Favorite men's cologne: Gucci Guilty. No, not because Chris Evans is the image model. I actually have a bottle and I'm absolutely in love with it.  It's one of those "falling in love with how you smell" fragrances. Also, Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren. It's sexy and mo manly.  I also liked Perry Ellis Reserve.  And I'm so in love with Azzaro Chrome.  Ladies, next time you're in Macy's, check them out. You'd love your man to smell like these colognes I just mentioned.

    C. Favorite "drugstore" cologne: Filipinos might be familiar with the Johnson & Johnson's line of baby colognes.  I love the green one whose name escapes me right now.  

    D. Favorite women's perfume: Okay, this is a tough choice. I tend to try a different scent everyday at work but lately, I gravitate towards a couple of repeat offenders.  I also bought a couple and if I purchased them, that means I liked them. Some of my repeat offenders are -- Lola by Marc Jacobs, F for Fascinating by Salvatore Ferragamo, Incanto Charms by Salvatorre Ferragamo (which I own), Passport to Tokyo by Paris Hilton (also own), Ange ou Demon by Givency, Gucci Guilty pour femme (yes, I have both pour homme et pour femme), Vera Wang Princess, Be Delicious by DKNY, Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears (my favorite Britney, also own), everybody's favorite Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (everyone has one lol), Versace Versense (I have a bottle & it's growing on me), Armani Code by Giorgio Armani (one of the most expensive that I own)... And I'm telling you, I can go on and on.

    And you know what... I also liked... drumroll please... Someday by Justin Bieber. O_o I'm not kidding.  Taylor Swift's perfume will burn the hair from your nose but Someday reminds me of a gentler Marc Jacobs Lola. And they look similar, too.  I have a lot of samples of UR by Usher and a couple of Badgley Mishka, which my mom loves.  I thought Viva La Juicy was the best scent out there but there are nicer fragrances out there, and less expensive too.  

    I might revisit perfumes in another post. But for now, those are my recommendations.
  • smell of love
  • recently, taco bell... haha. otherwise idk Japanese Cherry Blossom has been good
  • Umm, that strange smell that comes off new plastic table covers.
    Watermelon car-wash liquid. 
    The head of my baby brother.
    Anything that's fresh.
  • Gucci Rush, petrol, fried garlic, weed (not weed smoke, the bud itself) clean sheets, new books, earl grey tea, tobacco (again, not the smoke, but the smell of a freshly opened packet of cigarettes/rolling tobacco).

  • fresh mowed grass
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