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Friday, I’m in love with you

What is your favorite day of the week?

Answers (271)

  • friday
  • sunday
  • Friday! Friday! who doesn't love Friday?! A weird happiness and a feeling of freedom come with the day, how can I not love Friday?
  • Friday..maybe i should call it FREEday.
    I like friday because i will go home earlier than other day 
  • Simple answer:

    Any day I have off.
  • My favourite day of the week is most definitely Friday's.

    First, because I get every single Friday off of work, which is always awesome.
    My Friday's are always the same, but I look forward to it every single week.
    I usually wake up early, and do some house work, or go to the store. You know, those daily necessities.

    I get paid every second Friday, so that's one more extra bonus.

    Every Friday from November to March, I walk downtown and volunteer at the Out of the Cold program at a local church, usually go from about 5:45pm, to 7, so it honestly takes no time out of my day, and I love doing it. Then, I walk down to the LCBO, grab a bottle of Jagermiester and some energy drinks, call my lover and we have a few drinks at my place, listen to tunes, watch movies, whatever.
    Occasionally, we will walk up the street to a bar called Fortis and sing a few songs of Karaoke which is always a blast.

    Friday's fucking rock.
  • Saturday. It's the day in which I can relax the most. I work on Friday and I hate Sundays because after there's Monday so... definitely Saturday :)
  • Wednesday, just far enough from Monday and the weekend to feel like I get something done.
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