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Which U.S. President has made the most positive impact?

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  • It would depend. Overall in life, I would have to say George Washington before presidency.
    But, if we mean while in office, then Abraham Lincoln.

  • Being a liberal Democrat, I'm a huge supporter of anybody who's a liberal Democrat. Yes, it's necessary to cut government waste, but that's not the only solution. Sometimes it's necessary to raise taxes in order to balance the budget. Yes, taxes isn't an easy thing to pay. Yes, there has been wars and revolutions being waged over the issue. However, it's not a good idea to say no to all taxes straight across the board. Cutting layers of the government without raising taxes will lead to disaster. Plus, cutting government waste without raising taxes never works. The United States National Debt has risen higher under a conservative President of the United States than it has under a liberal President of the United States. At any rate, I'm glad I'm not President of the United States. It doesn't look like an easy job for anybody to hold.
  • George Washington and John Adams. For both of them, I am including things they did while not president. Impact on me, personally? I'll go with John Adams and Jimmy Carter. I have to add that it's harder to remember the impact of an incident that was averted -- but I believe that if Nixon had been president during the Bay of Pigs, I would not be typing to you now. What a scary time. So, thank you, JFK.
  • So sue me if I don't know my presidents very well but FDR was a great president.

    And unpopular opinion I think Obama is great 8/10 will vote again
  • александр второй без него штатов просто бы не было

  • I think the only two people who have been president during my lifetime who have made positive impacts have been Reagan and Clinton. Of the two of them, I have to say that Clinton has made the more positive impact despite the revisionist history that those on the far right have crammed down our throats. Our economy was a lot stronger during the Clinton administration, and unemployment wasn't as big of a problem as it is now. As for the other presidents that we've had during the 31 years I've been alive, both Bushes plunged us into unnecessary wars, and the younger Bush basically torpedoed our economy. Obama was left with too big of a mess for anybody to clean up, and lately he's been way too quick to buckle under pressure from the right. He's trying to please everybody but he isn't accomplishing enough.
  • Being non American and only taking minimal notice of politics all I know about American presidents is the negative stuff as that is what makes the most impact. I'd struggle to be positive about most political leaders
  • FDR FTW we need another one
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