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Writer's Block


Hobby Lobby

What do you like to collect?

Answers (445)

  • There's several things.... keychains (my bookbag had around 11 of them at one point), bookmarks, rocks (like quartz & obsidian), erasers, interesting coins, books, games, trading cards, and stickers.
  • yaoi
  • I collect bargain books, stationery and CDs of classical music.
  • I collect movie tickets of movies that I have seen. I have ones from as early as 1997. I have collected tickets ever since. The only one I do not have is Superstar and that is because the woman at the ticket window gave us the wrong ticket and I threw it out.
  • -I like to provide a transitional home to stray animals (when I can).
    -also like to collect: computer graphics, books poetry, music beads, post cards, photos, journals & other writing material, old keys, candles, jewelry, unique items, accessories, rainbows …etc.

    Hey friends, what do you like to collect?
  • Anything London themed. I also seem to have a pretty good collection of shoes, but as I am a girl I don't really think that counts. =) Also shot glasses
  • postcards, snow globes, more postcards
  • Let's see: Collectible anime figurines from series I like, collectible miniatures (mainly HeroClix right now, but I also did/do stuff from Axis & Allies Miniatures and Star Wars Miniature games), and those collectible card games that interest me. To name a few.
  • First, it was coins; then, it became stamps; now, it's GACKT albums. Finally, my favourite of all time, Teddy bears!
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