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What do you like to collect?

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  • There's several things.... keychains (my bookbag had around 11 of them at one point), bookmarks, rocks (like quartz & obsidian), erasers, interesting coins, books, games, trading cards, and stickers.
  • yaoi
  • I collect bargain books, stationery and CDs of classical music.
  • I collect movie tickets of movies that I have seen. I have ones from as early as 1997. I have collected tickets ever since. The only one I do not have is Superstar and that is because the woman at the ticket window gave us the wrong ticket and I threw it out.
  • -I like to provide a transitional home to stray animals (when I can).
    -also like to collect: computer graphics, books poetry, music beads, post cards, photos, journals & other writing material, old keys, candles, jewelry, unique items, accessories, rainbows …etc.

    Hey friends, what do you like to collect?
  • Anything London themed. I also seem to have a pretty good collection of shoes, but as I am a girl I don't really think that counts. =) Also shot glasses
  • postcards, snow globes, more postcards
  • Let's see: Collectible anime figurines from series I like, collectible miniatures (mainly HeroClix right now, but I also did/do stuff from Axis & Allies Miniatures and Star Wars Miniature games), and those collectible card games that interest me. To name a few.
  • First, it was coins; then, it became stamps; now, it's GACKT albums. Finally, my favourite of all time, Teddy bears!
  • I freaking love Hobby Lobby!! Might be the main reason why I'm answering this one. And we just got a new Hobby Lobby here in town! That or it's been here for a while but my roommate and I only just discovered it... which is entirely possible. Thimbles. I started collecting this because of my mom. Or she started collecting them for me. If I remember somewhat correctly she told me it was because the boys (my brothers) were in Boy Scouts so it gave me something of my own as well. That's the gist of the whatever the reason was anyways. I collect them quite willingly now. When traveling and going to a different state. Mostly at state parks and such, though. My dad's brought me back some from other countries, such as Japan. I need to be able to display them again at some point. Ticket stubs. Movie ticket stubs in particular. I'm not exactly sure when I started but I'm pretty sentimental (aka like to hoard things...) so it's not very surprising that I did. They're currently stored in an old tin container but I plan to create a scrapbook for them one day. Also putting in there tickets from similar type functions and possibly playbills as well since I have a collection of those as well. It would at least put it all to some use instead of sitting around. Computer books. I haven't exactly added to the collection for a while but I had been constantly buying help books for programs like Photoshop and Maya. Especially since my Books-A-Million I used to go to had good sales for such books. Lack of money, internet resources, and teachers' teachings has reduced such spendings however. Mostly the lack of money thing. I feel as if there's something else which I might have remembered. DVDs. And for the hell of it I'll add in Books to the equation. One day I dream of having a library in my home. One with floor to ceiling bookcases at least high enough to where I need that sliding ladder. I really want that sliding ladder. And I will have read all my books in the library or at least am working on it. I will also have a section for movies where all my VHS and DVDs and whatever the current movie viewing thing is at that time. Kind of along the lines of Beauty's library. I admit, one of the main reasons I wish I could live forever is so I could have all of eternity to read and watch new stories unfold.
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