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Daylight Saving Time

What would you do with your time if you had one more hour in the day?

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  • Wouldn't it be great if a single day would be a month long. Wouldn't it be even better if a week were twelve months long. About how long a year would take? Don't ask me about the math involved. Math isn't my strongest point. Sorry if this post sounds weird. I'm in a weird
  • i'd either sleep more or spend more time with my family
  • Oh gosh, I would probably sleep or stay up late doing pointless stuff. once I got used to the extra hour it wouldn't feel like there was more time in the day anyway
  • Read More, Organize my Clothes, Study and then Sleep!!
  • I'm pretty sure that if I get one more hour in a day, I would probably sleep more. I mean I would really like to sleep more, but often times I get sidetracked by the wonders of the internet and the computer (.__.);;;

    So maybe if the extra hour was surreptitiously placed in the wee hours of the morning (let's say, 4-5 AM) then that would be absolutely fantastic not only for my mental health but my body as well so I get to sleep more. Yes.

    Y'know when I was younger, I never realized how darn important sleep really is and how AMAZING sleeping is. Seriously. You'd think I would appreciate sleep more when I was younger and stuff like that, but unfortunately only when sleep went away and became as endangered as rhinos did I understand the magical powers of sleeping. Now it is as rare as a motherfucking unicorn in Narnia.

  • i'm answering to a writer's block, haven't done this in ages.
    let's see, i would like to say that i would spend that hour wisely.
    doing smth i like, sleeping, doing smth meaningful.
    but the sad truth is, by having one more hour in a day i'm only having one more hour to waste.
    soon 25 hours would be the norm and that would still not be enough.

    nothing is ever enough right. 
  • Study. I worry about the Baka Usagi. If he keeps pushing himself, he's going to end up collapsing. I need to learn all the texts books quickly so I can help him.
  • I would probably spend it by studying the Japanese language. :)
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