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Writer's Block

Repeat After Me...

How have people pronounced your name? How is it supposed to sound?

Answers (205)

  • yaaarraaa....
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  • my name is pronounced sean-tay, but it's spelt kind of strangely, with a Ch at the beginning, so i don't mind too much if someone pronounces it with a hard Ch like in cherry. What annoys me is when someone takes the first two letters and runs with it, calling me shantell or shoniquwa. When someone's so off I let the part of my brain that held any knowledge of their name to die.
  • Surya:
    correct -> Sir-ya
    incorrect -> Su-rai-ya
                    -> See-ree-ya
                    -> Sir-ja
                    -> and many that are no where as close.
    However, I am used to it and don't particularly mind.
  • My first name has never been mispronounced to my knowledge, but my last name has been. However, More commonly is my handle. Kuroneko = Ker-oh-Neck-oh I often get Keron-Ecko Keeron-Ecko Ker-in-ko And others..
  • lo vi en el burogu de mi niña o MILENA ^-^ 1.- La verdad la gente no tiene muchos dramas con mi nombre, es el asunto de escribirlo que me emputese (sorry .//.). Es que les da con escribir CARLA con "k" aunque les repita una y mil veces que es con "C" les da con hacerlo a su antojo. No sé, es que se ve tan raro escrito de esa forma u_u 2.- En relación a mi nombre, pues la gente usualmente no me llama CARLA si no mas bien "Carlita" (que es el más común), "Carluncha", "Carlis", "Litacar" ¬¬ , "Carlamnga" o el odiado por mí "Carlupi". No soportaba que me dijeran de esa forma o peor, que me llamen "Carliiiiita" (así como el negro piñera). No lo soporto >.< 3.- Así que repitan todos CAR-LA ----------- 1.- Is not that complicated my name, is that usually people always confuce the way you can writte my name. Carla, the way I use, is written with a "C" and not with a "K"... but is doesn't matter how many times I explain that to anyone, they are always wrong ¬¬ 2.- The other thing is that I'm no used to hear everyone call me "Carla". Always is "Carlita", "Carluncha", "Carlis", "Litacar" and many many others. I'm used to that, even I like people calle me in that way however I really hate when someone calls me "Carleeeeeta" pushing very hard the "eeee" sound. Arg! hate it hate it >.< 3.- So, If you really wants to lernd how to pronunce my real name but I'm no mad if you wanna call me Yuki or yuki-chan or yukiko is pretty easy. Repit CAR-LA
  • It's supposed to sound like Aah-nuh-stay-shuh. I get everything from Auh-na-tasia to Ahnuh-stah-cia to Ay-ahna-sta-cee-uh. What the fuck, people? It's kind of ridiculous. Especially when I go to the ghetto dentists. I've started asking them on forms to just say Ana, because.. I hate when people butcher my name like that. It's a noble, pretty name I rarely get called. I was named after a saint, for crissakes. I don't want it sounding awful and trashy.
  •  Имя мое достаточно редкое. Как только его не произносят:)) А должно оно звучать с любовью, как бы его не переврали:)

  • Carbone

    properly pronocounced Car-bow-knee or Car-bow-nay

    other - Car-bone, Car-bon, Ca-born
  • my name... people have pronounced it May-yah, Myra, mee-yah... its My-uh.
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