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What did you dream about last night?

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  • Some of my dreams involve past relationships. I guess I dreamed about what my life would've been like, had I married one of the older women I had a brief relationship with. Seemed pretty nice.

  • I didn’t dream this last night. I dreamed it over 7 years ago, but it would never go away. Up to now, I’ve been too embarrassed to talk about it (and you'll see why in a minute), but here we go…

    I dreamed I started a business and called it 333CardCompany because 3:33 pm was the time of day when people needed  a pick-me-up.
    It was so vivid down to the last little detail, I couldn’t ignore it. I looked up the scripture Deuteronomy 33:3 and read… “Indeed, He loves His people.”

    After pondering it for a very long time, I figured God was asking me to start  an online card business to remind people that He loved them.

    Fine, but there were just a few small problems...

    I had no business expertise. No photography or Photoshop editing experience. No website creating experience. No business model. No understanding of the steps it took to obtain a business license. No marketing experience. Zero. Zip. Nada. I think you get the point.
    I started it anyway. I googled how to do everything (amazing, that google).

    How did the business go?

    It bombed. Major big-time bombed (as in "I-sold-one-card-in-a- year" sort of bomb).

    My friend and I laughed until we cried (ok, maybe I cried first, then laughed).

    Which brings me to today…

    It recently dawned on me that LiveJournal is my "333CardCompany".

    That’s why I’m here every day to tell you that God loves you.
    He does, you know.

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  • So it wasn't last night but I wanted to write about this so yeah. Obviously I'm bored as all getup. So, I never know, usually, in my dreams whether I'm a guy or a girl. They're very odd (pretty odd?), and they always happen in the stage when i'm half awake and half asleep. Usually right before I fall completley asleep or before I'm fully awake. This one started in what felt to me as a good friend's basement. It looked a lot like my next door neighbors. I felt as though I were a boy, as was my friend. His face was fuzzy, though, and I couldn't decipher features. He had like, blondeish hair. We were playing some bang-em-up videogame and we had these like...midget electric guitars on our laps. So I went to go touch mine, right? To play it or something? AND THE DAMN THING BURNED ME. so I'm like tf and I go to try again and its like 'ow'. But my friend doesn't seem to realize that my epic, red, miniguitar is burning me. :( stupid friend. But he like, gets up and brings in this other kid who I also felt was a guy. He was a bit taller than I was. Black hair; I again couldn't see his face. It was like one of those stupid censors they put on people's faces on TV. Apparently I was going to be spending the night so I had to walk over to my house to pick up some stuff. And for some reason, black-haired kid come with me. Well, we walked right out of the basement (?!) and out onto the street, where there was this MOTHERFUCKING LONG ROAD that we started to walk down. At the end of the road was my house. Wtf. So we went inside and it looked an awful lot like another one of my friend's houses. Well I got this like, bad feeling inside of the dream? And told black haired kid he HAD to run up the stairs (?!) so he does. I look down the hall and its like...red with this bright red light at the end. Its a fucking long hallway. oO And then it was like one of those videogames where you have to move back and forth to dodge the flying objects. == I was dodging like, I don't even know what. EVENTUALLY I gained some common mofoing sense and ran up the stairs after black haired kid. For some reason at the top of the stiars was my bedroom and a threw a ton of shit in a duffel bag and told black haired kid we had to jump out the damned window. WTF. So he looks all worried; how, I don't even know. I couldn't see his face yet he looked worried to me. And I go, "Don't worry--there's footholds." WHAT THE SHIT. Then I tossed my duffel bag out the window and he crawled out onto the roof first. He slid down and caught the edge of it and I slid after him. He looked at me all panicked-like (again, how I knew, I have no clue), and I looked down a bit. IT WAS LIKE JUMPING OFF THE GRAND CANYON WTH. MY DUFFEL BAG WAS THIS TINY BLACK DOT ON THE GROUND! Against all the screaming in my head of "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU UP THERE DEMI YOU DUMBASS YOU HATE HEIGHTS!", I tell the black haired kis that if we bend our knees when we let go, we won't die from the jump. ...WELL OKAY, THAT MAKES A TON OF SENSE. So we bnd our knees and let go and what do you know, alive. o__O And so we go back to my friend's house WHICH IS SPONTANEOUSLY RIGHT NEXT DOOR AND NOT JUST A BASEMENT. O__O its an actual house now! So we go in and we go upstairs to my friend bedroom where he says, "We're going to watch Batman!" AND FOR SOME REASON, I AM INCREDIBLY EXCITED ABOUT WATCHING BATMAN. So he puts the casette (Yknow, for a VHS? D:) in, and we sit on the edge of his bed to watch it. ONLY THE DAMNED TV IS ABOUT LIKE, THREE INCHES ACROSS?! I CAN'T WATCH BATMAN ON A THREE INCH TV. D:< But somehow, we thouroughly enjoy mini-Batman, which somehow seemed to take like five minutes. Then ALL THREE OF US snuggled in his TWIN SIZED BED (?!) to go to sleep. I was in the middle. It was the nicest part of my dream because I felt safe and warm and snuggly. ^__^ And cared for and stuff. Was nice. Then I woke up. D: <3
  •  I don't remember much about my dreams last night, but I do recall  being in the my grandparents home in Waltham MA and the situation was an emotional one for me. The dream took place in the present, and my half-brother's half-sister had just moved in with her boyfriend and children. Everyone was happy and celebrating because the place was so nice , and in a great location - right along the Charles River, in a quiet neighborhood. Everyone but me that is. My grandparents home had been entirely redesigned and altered so much  that it was barely recognizable.  It clashed with my cherished memories of the how it used to look, and I was afraid that the way it looked now would override and replace  those memories. I had to leave while everyone  else was still celebrating. I think that's how the dream ended.
  •  Well it wasn't much of a dream. It was a flash back. But I am going to tell you anyway. It was last night and my current boyfriend and I was into it. And I had said im going to slap the shit out of you. Because he told me to suck dick and die. And that is bogus. Well he come into the living room and punched hisself in the face and then pushed me so hard that it took my breath away. And the worst part is that he hit me in front of my children. I didn't hit him back all I did was said "Get your shit and get out". That is about it and then I woke up.
  • i dreamt of your face ..you were laying next to me ,kissing me telling me you love me holding me with every bit of your love
  • I remember helping a man with no face strip the paint from an old red door. When the task was completed he gave me a curt nod of thanks, and walked through another door that I hadn't previously noticed...I then remember wanting to go home because I was late for something I wanted to watch on tv...aside from noticing that my house was in a different place, upon entering - I saw that it was completely bare inside - aside from an unplugged tv displaying static in the hallway - I'm guessing that was where i got freaked out and woke up, because I can't remember anything more... symbolism is so 1989, I hate my dreams...
  •  well,it was umm intersesting to me but maybe not anyone else.
    k it started off with me and this guy..he was like huge!!like 6'4 and we were making a music video(dont even ask haha)and then some shit went down and i woke up.
    then like an hour later i was dreaming about my socials teaccer....wtf...
  • *giggle* My dream last night was really weird. My friends and I went to France together, and I ended up rooming with my friend named Desirae. A day or two into the trip, I went out for some coffee and Desirae stayed in the hotel room. When I came back, Desirae practically glomped me, and she was grinning like a maniac, showing me her bangs. She'd somehow dyed half of them blue and half of them pink!! xD And that was when I woke up, lol.
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