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Who taught you how to cook?

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  • Q: Who taught you how to cook?


    A: Me, myself and I.


    I first start learn how to cook when my mom went through a surgery, that was when I'm 13. At that time, I don’t know to cook anything. So, I start with porridge for my mom and scramble eggs for me.


    But my dad was really mad at me. He is hungry and my mom can’t cook with her condition (the surgery didn’t go well) and I can’t cook too (never have and attempt to cook before that).


    So, at the first stage, I kept being scolded and everything for whatever I’ve cooked for my dad didn’t suite his taste. Tough time I must say. I wonder of how many times I cry. No one is there to show me the way. I mean, all my mom can do is to instruct me, but I’m all on my own.


    Anyway, now I’m better. I still got so much to learn, but at least I can now cook.


  •  My Pa taught me how to cook, he's the best!
  • Готовить меня научила сама жизнь. Можно написать,что мы живем не для того чтобы есть ,а едим для того чтобы жить. Но я люблю вкусно поесть.Да еще в хорошей компании,за хорошим разговором.... Поэтому приходится готовить.Готовка, вообще, тонкая штука. Это можно сравнить с жипосью... Хороший повар -это художник))))))))
  •  Okay, so I skipped a great deal of shitty or irrelevant questions and cut to the first one with any kind of teeth.  Well, this question has more of a tooth than teeth, but whatever.  Who taught me to cook?  I did.  My father cooked and my mother cooked, but nobody really taught me jack-shit.  I can cook because I can follow cook book instructions, packaged food instructions, and I can use the microwave.  Nobody taught me how to make lasagna or turkey soup or pepper steak or how to cook a regular steak.  Nobody taught me how to cook hamburgers, even.  I just remember my father and sister laughing at me for making burgers that they thought were like charcoal briquettes.  My first time cooking something and all I learned was how to take a joke (for a month or so).  I think somebody taught me how to boil pasta noodles, but nobody ever taught me how to make my own sauce.  I'm going to learn how to cook when I'm home with my girls.  Maybe we can learn together.  Maybe it will be something they'll enjoy with their daddy.
  •  I don't know how to cook, I just know how to cook certain things. My mom taught me how to cook spanish rice, and my grandfather taught me how to make eggs; they were the first things I ever cooked, and I'm insanely proud of it (-laughs-). My parents taught me how to cook other foods when they didn't mean to, I would watch them and remember what to do. Usually it was just simple things I could've figured out myself (like spaghetti), but I still like to think my parents coached me through it (-laughs-).
  •  Who taught me how to cook?  Well its been many people not just one.  Once I got taught how to cook though I grew and learned to cook things by myself.  It all started with my Mother.  She is like Martha Stewart and Sussy Home maker on steroids.  Its insane but I love that fact about her.  I think the first thing she taught  me how to cook was cereal but thats easy to cook and i guess you wouldn't really cook that huh... well then I guess in all reality the real thing I first learned out ot cook was mac and cheese!  Who doesn't love mac and cheese?  I mean seriously?  Anyways, My brother some what taught me how to cook also.  The six months that we lived with my dad and not my mom, Will had to take care of me.  Dad sucks as a dad, I'm gonna have to day, now maybe not so much since Will and I are both pretty dependant but then we really needed him and he failed.  Will taught me how to cook when we had to feed ourselves since my father forgot about us.  it was many ramen noodles but all in all I learned how to cook some pretty kick ass roman from those six months.  I learned to cook a few other things too though. like noodles, salad, and I dunno those basic foods that you keep around the house all the time.  Then to top of my cooking, my grandmother helped me learn how to cook cookies.  She makes some really amazing cookies every year.  Although I don't ever go help cook the cookies I get to eat them and get the recipes for them so I could try to make them.  Thats how my cooking lessons occured and came about.
  •  Until I met Jack I never cooked at all. Everything my parent's gave me to eat was raw and the only thing I could make without making myself or anyone else ill was formaggio e pomodoro pasta. It's safe to say that I can now cook a lot more than that and that I actually get a kick out of having to make dinner for us, when my parents come to visit :)
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