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Chinese New Year

2008 is the Year of the Rat. Which animal year were you born in?

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  •  OX
  • year of the dragon
  • ox 
  • 1965 год считается годом змеи,но по китайскому гороскопу год переходит не 1 Января.Так что я родилась в год ДРАКОНА. Чему очень рада!!!!!!!
  • well holy heck! it is the year of the rat, 2008! and guess what??? 
    I was born in the year of the rat! i didn't even realize...this is my special year!

  • OK!...lol.. I Didn't Think I Had Anything Else To Write About,..Lol!. But I Finally Found The PERFECT Topic!...CHINESE ASTROLOGY!. And Me Being The Astrology Feind I Am, I Love To Show My Pride Of Being Born In The Year Of The DRAGON!..(Basicly The COOLEST And Luckiest Animal In The WHOLE Chinese Zodiac!) The Dragon is one of the most powerful and lucky Signs of the Chinese Zodiac. I For One Am HAPPY To Be A Dragon!. And It May Not Be My Year Yet, But I Hope To Go To Either China Or Japan To Celebrate The Next Year Of The Dragon, Which Is In 2012!, And It Would Be One Of The Best Trips I Could EVER Go On. It Would Be An Experience I WON'T Forget.
  • Urgh. Just answering this to get something in my journal. I was born as either a Dog or a Rooster (great...I'm either Shigure or Kureno...), but people who are close to me say I have traits of all the animals.
  •  I was born in 1993 and thats the awsomely amazing year of the roster, hell yes. I think i have all the qualitties of the roster. I'm couragous, hard working, alert, a perfectionist, and aggressive.
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