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Super Bowl 2008

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? Who did you watch it with?

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  • Okay. I was looking back at my old 2007/2008 entries, and found this. So I thought, hey, why not? Anyway, no, sadly, I didn't watch the Super Bowl last night (same as last year) but, just as last year; I know who won. Congratulations Steelers! (though this year I didn't really have anybody I was rooting for.) Oh, and nevermind what I said before about westerboard.informe.com closing, it's still up there, there was probably just something wrong with my computer at that time. (Oh and to all Scott Westerfeld fans; join! Please! :D)
  • lol, well, it wasn't last night now, but i watched it with my mom and dad.
  • So anyway ... the stupid bowl was on. And I didn't watch it. Didn't watch it because I don't give a fuck about it at all. Don't care about the Giants, or New England, or any of those stupid commercials. So much hype and bullshit for nothing. Where are they now? Who's talking about it now? Not me! Never did and never will. It's a kids sport played by grown men, owned by companies who treat their players like shit and think throwing money at them will make it all go away. Guess it could solve a lot of problems. But rarely does. Never really does. Only causes more headache and bullshit for a bunch of dumb niggers to get crazy over tossing a stupid ball around, wearing tights, and acting like a fucking moron.

    I stayed home and stroked my penis the whole time, never giving a thought to anyone connected or related to the sport. 

  • I do not watch television. 
  • I tuned in to see Tom Petty. The rest i couldn't be paid to care about.
  •  Didn't watch it, in the wrong country!!!

    I don't get why everyone is into the Superbowl, although it could just be a national pride thing, like us Aussies and our Cricket.

    I went out to lunch with my family last week (I think) and the cricket was on at the stadium.......OMG I have never seen so much Green and Gold in one place in such a long time.  I mean some call Brisbane a country capital town as it didn't really get popular until about at most 15 to 20 years ago, but I would not have thought it in the slightest with the amount of people coming out of the woodwork's to watch a game that was almost washed out, now that's the cricket spirit!!
  • wut r superbowel? i dun tinc i deedants
  • I most definitely watched the Superbowl the other night. Not only for the commercials, but for the actual football game! I watched the game with a bunch of my friends and family that all cme over to my place to watch it. Fun times had by all!
  •  Yeah, I did. Well, sort of... I left the room a lot, because there were some people in the room I wasn't comfortable being around.  I'm not a football fan, and I have no attatchment to New York or New England, so I didn't really care much about who won, even though I suppose I wouldn't want to support cheaters. 

    It's irony the reason I usually go to Superbowl parties is to hang out with people, as there were a lot of people I didn't want to hang out with at this party. I hovered around the food that day, and poked my head in the room for commercials. Other than that, I spent a lot of time outside, waiting in cover from the rain, and venturing out to my friend's hammock when it stopped raining. It was actually a rather uncomfortable time until the majority of the people left.  

    My PS3 owning friend and I pulled out the PS3 and Resistance (and the club and one other game I can't remember) at the end, went into a room by ourselves, and played (this wasn't the fun part) but when the majority of people had left (after they finished watching their bootleg "I Am Legend just downloaded off Azurus, we brought it out to play on the projector.  Some people sat in the back of the room talking about how they liked Halo better and talked about the 360 they planned on getting (after car payments and such) but we got 2 other people on the game with us, and played some deathmatch and team deathmatch games. 

    I discovered the Chimera that day... By that, I mean the chimera power of seeing through walls. Wow, it was beautiful, but what was better was NOT having people flee the room when we pulled out the PS3, which is what usually happens. I told them that November was the real month to watch out for, when Resistance 2 hits. 

    Not many of my memories of that night actually involve the game... Hmm...
  • I watched the last 50 seconds of the game with my boyfriend's brother. Peter walked in around the last 25 seconds of the game.
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