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What do you want done with your body after you die?

Answers (781)

    1. organ donation - everything what might help anybody,
    2. science use,
    3. skin for gloves, cases or whatever (bones for pens),
    4. rest you may throw away.
    i would love if my Owner would have gloves made of my skin after my death. Am i sick freak? --cat
  • Mom and I have mutually agreed on cremation and scattering in a scenic place we never visited in life.
    Prior to that, science and medicine can have whatever they can use.

    (this question must have come around again b/c I already had a thanatopsis tag. XD)
  • Throw me in a hole, cardboard box is ok. Cremate me is fine. I wouldn't mind having a green burial and become fertilizer for a tree.
  • I've always thought that after you're dead, you don't really need real estate, right?

    Cremation and scattering for me, or a green burial.
  • I'd really like to be buried in, say, a rainforest. That way, I can give back to Nature, contribute to the Cycle of Life. My corpse might just provide the nutrients needed for some trees to grow. One less body, a few extra trees. A good deal, I feel.
  • hug me, love me, burn me, and scatter me across the sky. turn me into the air, wind and your breathe. 

  • I'd probably want to be cremated... less mess and wouldn't be taking up space in our overly crowded cemetaries.
  • I've actually just recently thought of this. I used to want to be burned, but I'm thinking now I want to be buried. But I would rather be buried by hand and the coffin doesn't have to be special lol. Maybe in my back yard? haha
  • I'd love for my ashes to be spread in all my favorite places in the world after cremation. It's much more romantic than being eaten by worms and maggots...
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