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Night tremors

What keeps you up at night?

Answers (434)

  • Irritating women screaming at the top of their lungs while playing an out of tune guitar. They do it till 4 AM every morning, for the last four years. I've counted.

  • Worries and emotional " storms ". Hard to explain, it's like I feel like a bottomless pit at the end of the day and need to contemplate a lot after executing the usual daily errands. Perfect time too. No noise, just me and the sky and perhaps even a diary to note certain " revelations " down.
  • what keeps me up at night?

    actually, its kinda weird...
    its the computer REALLY.
    Im up until 3am surfing the net and

    yea, im into stuffs like GAY and I'm proud of it.
    its really a nice Romance...
    And I really think if i'll be given a chance to
    pick up my OWN Romance, it'll be one of the YAOI stories...
    I mean its SWEET!
  • The world and the fact that my brain doesn't seem to have an off switch

  • Friends,Music and mostly I have nothing else to do at night everybody is asleep so,
  • Him. <3
  • Make yourself a nice hot drink and get cosy because this is gonna take a while!
    • Recurring nightmares
    • The urge to do something more exciting such as raid the fridge or paint or program
    • Midnight jogs
    • I hear voices and see apparitions
    • My mind's extremely racy and I'm usually thinking about why I'm not thinking when I'm trying not to think
    • The notion of sleep scares me...How do I know the world isn't being destroyed by a bunch of evil alien warlords with Lyme disease while I'm in suspended animation??
    • I'm extremely sensitive to my PJs and bed sheets
    • The regrowth of stubble and all my shaving-related rashes means my face fucking itches!!
    • I happen to be extremely conscious of my heartbeat and it creeps me the fuck out!
    • My ears are extremely sensitive so anything I hear outside or in another part of the house usually keeps me up
    • Excess caffeine!
  • usually, it's the "shoulda, woulda, coulda"'s. or should be, would be, could be's. also, my feelings. but yeah, that's life. I'm used to it.
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