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Describe your dream vacation.

Answers (239)

  • Long-term RTW Journey.
  • Мечта любой туристки успеть объездить все лучшие направления для путешествий в 2012 году!

  • I'd love to sail around the world and visit every country that I happen to bump into. Definitely must see Iceland, though.
  • С людьми (или человеком), которого люблю (или полюблю)

  • a road trip. across the nation. in an rv. with you. and sunsets. and some smoke.
  • well I absolutly Love Scotland and England and America but if I had to choose some where warm I'd say Italie or Thailand
  • Pick up before hand
  • My dream vacation would be a trip around the world for a year or two. There's so many places I would like to see and explore, whether it's the Great Barrier Reef, driving on the old Route 66 from one end to the other, safari in Africa, you name it. There's a bunch of stuff.
  • My Dream Vacation would be in Italy, with my boyfriend. So heres my bullet-pointed list of things that would make it my dream vacation (I trust that only girls into chicklit will want to read further than this)
    • Ever since reading the Immortals series I've been inlove with the idea of a romantic trip to Italy.
    • The Rush of getting up real early in the morning to go to the airport, the wonder of seeing new things.
    • The sunset and moonlight walks.
    • Going to all the Romatic places, making every other couple in the join green with envy at our closeness.
    • The resturants and the food, (gotta love pasta ^.^)
    • The River and the boat gliding on the water.
    • And most of all the over all atmosphere.

    But one thing more important than the location, is the person I'd be with, the person I love more than anything in the world, that's what would make it my Dream Vacation.
  • Somewhere in a remote natural habitat with lots of wildlife... accommodation that is comfortable and ensuite, preferably still a canvas tent so one can hear the wildlife during the day and night, but the huge walk-in tents with their proper beds, quilts, en suite bathroom, bucket shower... Game drives with an expert guide, helping us find and experience what the place has to offer, such as Kenya or Botswana or Namibia, or accessible on our own, such as self-drive in South Africa or being within walking distance of the penguins and albatross, as in Falklands Islands. And lots and lots of time, not being in a rush.
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