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What is your favorite childhood fairytale?

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  • I have so many but my top three favorites are Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, and The Little Mermaid. I love The Little Mermaid because she was willing to give up absolutely everything for true love- she had her tongue cut out so that she couldn't speak, every time she walked it felt like she was treading on knives, and she could never be with her family and friends under the sea ever again. Yet she took a chance and then she selflessly chose to give up her life to save the life of the prince in the end, even though he chose another woman to marry. That was the ultimate story of true love to me growing up. I also loved how the miller's daughter had no other choice but to agree to give Rumpelstiltskin her firstborn child, but then fights to keep him and beats the dwarf at his own game. Rapunzel... well, I just like the idea of having long flowing hair. I also love in the end how the prince wanders for years over the face of the earth in search of Rapunzel and she hasn't remarried when he finds her and so they live happily ever after.
  • Anastasia. Even though she is actually dead.
  • The journey there and back.
  • I was always a fan of Hansel and Gretel, the original version from Grimm's Fairy Tales. It was one of the only times I could remember children outsmarting the adults in any story I had been told before. I also liked how much the siblings loved each other enough to stick together even though most adults would have sold out their own mother in their shoes. I think Hansel was the reason why I started wishing I had an older brother. ^_^
  • The Little Mermaid and Cinderella
  • I guess it's always been and always will be Cinderella! Isn't it the ultimate romance? The mother of the most classic love trope? The muse of all romance writers? The dream love story of every girl? For me it's certainly is! It contains all the essential elements that imho every romance book should have! While the chances for a Cinderella-type story to happen in RL may be thin, one can dream no? ^_^
    *dreamy sigh*
  • I have the anime version of thumbelina on VHS (soooo much better than the actual story), I probably watched that a few hundred times when I was little, like, I'm surprised the tape still works....I should copy it onto DVD before my VCR eventually breaks O.O....oh and I also had Lion King and Pocahontas on VHS but after one of my moves they disappeared :'(...or so they say ~.~!!! A small part of me believes someone got rid of them cuz they got tired of me watching them over and over again....just like someone recorded over the Jetsons movie I watched over and over again too v.v. Other than that... I had a bit of a Little Mermaid phase too. M parents got me this software that had like a storybook with special effects, a coloring book, a "build your own grotto" game, and my favorite, KARAOKE!!! I think my whole family sighed whenever they saw me put that disc into the computer cuz it most likely meant an hour or more of "THE SEA WEED IS ALWAYS GREENER, IN SOMEBODY ELSE'S LAKE!!!" and "LA LA LA LA KISS THE GIRL!" and "UP WHERE THEY WALK! UP WHERE THEY RUN! UP WHERE THEY PLAY ALL DAY IN THE SUUUUUN!! WONDERING FREE! WISH I COULD BE!! PART OF YOUR WOOOOORLD!!!".... so yeah i liked disney fairy tails.... -hiirken Little Mermaid. Seriously, I watched that movie soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many times. Hands down, my favorite EVER. But my other favorites are basically all of the classic disney ones: cinderella, lion king, beauty and the beast, etc. -chibi
  • Okay, I'm a sucker for Cinderella. There, I said it. And I shall elaborate after NaNoWriMo. Promise. December 1st.
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