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Tell us a ghost or supernatural encounter you’ve experienced.

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  • I've encountered One who died then came back to life again three days later. I'll never be the same.

    Lives again our glorious King, Alleluia!
    Where, O death, is now thy sting? Alleluia!
    Once he died our souls to save, Alleluia!
    Where's thy victory, boasting grave? Alleluia!
    --Christ the Lord is Risen Today

  • Haha, okay, I don't even know if this was actually supernatural or just us seeing things but here it goes. Actually there are two things. One. There was a group of us camping for a church youth event, so there were parents involved. Not too far from where we were camping was a house that's supposedly haunted. Since it was in walking distance one night we all made the trek over there to see if we could see anything. I believe we were around back when it happened. In one of the second floor windows we all saw the curtain move. Actually, when that happened we got to discussing whether it could've been the air conditioner, but the ac didn't seem to have come on. I can't exactly recall but there was something else we sort of saw though it's kind of hard to remember since my best friend's father freaked and started running we all ran for our lives. And there were vehicles there so I guess we drove. Two. We were at my same best friend's house and there were a total of six of us. It was nighttime and we decided to play with her Ouija board. She had just gotten it for her birthday recently so it was still novel and we would jump at the chance to use it. At least I know I did. So we decided to play in her room (probably because their living room has creepy dolls one of which one of us turned around during one of our Ouija board adventures). 2 of my friends can freak out pretty easily. Us other 3 can pretty much go either way. During one of questions I happened to see what looked like an orb of light float across on the other side of the room. Luckily, one of friends happened to see it too. Slight freak out ensued. Not exactly by us but the other two. We don't believe a vehicle or anything happened to pass by the window to make a reflection of sorts and it was in a spot where that might be difficult. I'm not saying either one of those was definitely a supernatural event but it's really as far as it goes with me. If someone had given me a logical explanation at the time I would take it, but I'm in no way close-minded to the possibility of the supernatural. It's fascinating and I do believe some people's accounts can be true.
  • (just going back and checking out all the LJ Writer's Blocks I've missed) Recently actually I've had some weird things happen at work. Some of the older women that work there have told stories of a ghost. I had never really experienced anything and never gave it much thought. For most of the things they mentioned they could easily be explained by earthly means however... we carry Scanner Guns at work (I work in retail currently...) and they fit pretty snugly in their holsters. I had the distinct feeling of somebody lifting the gun out of the holster (this isn't unsual, we borrow guns from co-workers all the time) so I turned around to see who it was and the gun hit the floor. Nobody there. Second incident, was putting away over stock in the basement, could of sworn I heard a voice ask me "What are you doing?" Wasn't anybody down there with me. However I could of heard something through the floor, noise seems to carry oddly well through the floor but then again I probably wouldn't have been able to make out any of the words. Ghost or Imagination? Who knows.
  • A fox is typing this message.
    Is that good enough?


  • when i was a little girl... in my parents room i used to hear voices i told my mom one day she sent me to a shrink... well a month later  my mom found me screaming in the kitchen corner. when she asked why i told her "the red eyes they chased to and told me they where going to kill you". well she sent me to the shrink again... a week later we where driving home and we got inside and my mom ran out with me to the car.... she told me it took over me and told her what i told her a week be for. she stopped sending me to the shrink and we moved away. i went to that house again when i was 13 and seen those eyes again i said out loud "i am not scared of you i was a child but now i am a young woman. if you think you have power over me you dont". i never seen those eyes again and i left and never went back. ive had more then that but that one was the worst to me. 
  • I woke up and saw a young girl standing outside my bedroom door. She was dressed in black jeans and wore a long sleeve dark shirt. Her hair was long and black. She was not looking at me but looking out into the hallway. Seconds later she ran out of my room into the hallway. I wonder who this ghost was. 
  • I can't really say for sure that I have ever had experience with a ghost, personally. But, I have had some times in my life, where I knew that I was experiencing things from another dimension. When I was a young child, I used to be constantly awake in my bed, due to heartburn. I was on different kinds of medicines at the time, for different types of things. Mostly, allergies. There were times when I just couldn't sleep. The first time that I can remember actually having those "visions" was when I was up in Illinois for the first time back in the summer of 2006. I was lying in bed one evening, and I was hearing voices. Mind you, at least these voices were ones I could understand. Sometimes I would hear voices where I didn't know what was being senselessly babbled about. All I knew is that it freightened me, anywho, moving on. I would see these flashes in the back of my head. It was like they were being projected from a movie screen. I would see, even with my eyes wide open, flashes of stills. Like photographs. I had never had this kind of thing happen to me before. And, what's even stranger, I had never even seen anything in actual life as I had seen in the photographs in the back of my head. I couldn't control these visions, they would just happen. They'd usually be of young people, or people around my age. Very seldom, did I ever see any adults. And, these visions I would see, were all of Asian people. Chinese, Japanese. That kind of Asian. One time, there was a small child riding his beautiful red bicycle. These visions were in full color and very vivid. I became interested in what was happening to me, so I told my grandpa about it at the time. He told me, as strange as it may sound, those people were probably some of my distant ancestors from the past, that had died generations ago. The mere thought of it, just sends chills up and down my spine. He said the same thing had happened to him, but what he'd seen was like pioneer people. It calmed me down, a little bit, to know that I was not alone. I wrote a letter to these visions in my head. I told them I really appreciated seeing them, and I was glad they were coming for a visit. But, to please not get out of hand, because I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy. From that moment on, the visions went away. And, I haven't seen them since.
  • lol this is the third thing abour spirits that ive answered today. anyway, a few years back i was living in a sleepout that had sliding doors to go outside that i alwasy left locked. but someone kept unlocking the door. didnt matter how many times i locked it, most of the time i was still in the room so i couldnt actually blame someone in the family, but the odd thing was, was that whenever i went to let my cat outside i couldnt open the door anymore than enough to let him out, but that was only at night. during the day i could open the door fully without any problems. after finally having enough of it, i hated having that door unlockd because you dont know if someone plans to randomly enter your house, anyway i eventaully asked it to stop doing it and leave it locked, the next night i heard the sound of a bell, it wasnt a cat bell because none of our cats had any. but since then i havent had it happen since. ever heard the saying 'when you hear a bell a new angel gets its wings' ?
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