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I'm not a bully but...

We've all said something mean at some point in our lives. We may not be bullies but we may not always be nice. Write an apology to someone you've hurt in past.

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  • i sincerely regret my words if they have hurt you; i am just human given to making mistakes; now i feel at peace;
  • To the person(s) I've offended or insulted. I'm sorry I even thought about saying it, even though it's too late now. I'm getting what I deserve as I live.
  • Last time,
    old woman,
    with weary face,
    walking slowly in old rag,
    came to my door.

    I know her face,
    still round,
    shiny skin with make-up,
    Secret reflection.

    I know.
    Her tired voice reaching me,
    penetrating my body.
    I thought I know.

    Here it came.
    My pain increased.
    I thought I know my feelings well
    to keep my Water under glass.

    My arms moved to embrace the voice,
    sounding like the one that was singing a lullaby for me to sleep
    Water of Sadness.

    That voice sounded like.
    That voice wasn't.
    Mine couldn't make a sound,
    as if I drank her words
    which filled my throat.

    My eyes, my apology
    My apology, my embrace,
    My embrace, my love
    My love, my silence,
    My silence, my heart,
    My heart, my confinement.

    It's too late. The water is all salty.
    And my words are drowning.

    -written by SCT (kingouba)
  • wauw okay I'm not realy a Bully but I do like to be mean and I probably do have some people to apologize to...but we know thats never gonna happen!:P sorry I'm just realy good in apologizing to someone and I don't even know who to realy apologize to so...
  • Jerkface,
             -Grins.- Starting a letter with that nickname, one tht is supposed to be an apology, just kind of tickles me.
    Anyway... Of the two point five years that we lived together, I said a lot of things that I didn't really mean. I did things that I regret, certainly. And, if I knew how to fix it, and make you understand why in the hell I thought that any of it would just .. stay swept under the rug, I'd probably try despite knowing that it wouldn't make a difference. Some damage remains, even after so much time.. 
            Still, apologizing for those things would be moot. Very much so. And, in saying that, I only mean that I could not forgive myself.. nor would you forget the pain I caused, and things would never be the same. So, I'm not apologizing for those things. Not again, as I've apologized for so many things, those same things I mentioned and others, before that.. I think its almost comical. However.. I do want to apologize for one thing.
    I am so terribly sorry that I am afraid of you. And, not just you, but.. mainly you. Mostly you.
           What I am saying is, I am sorry that I cannot let go and be who I want to be with you. That girl you knew, she's still in there.. she's just hiding. She's scared to be vulnerable, and weak.. and open with you, with anyone, because she's learned overtime that doing so is a mistake. Friends, family, loved ones... everyone uses those insecurities against each other, and if I show you where the armor is chipped, or the ladder to climb over my defense walls.. Well, what stops the arrow from hitting too deep?
    Annnd, that.. that is a trust issue, isn't it? Heh..imagine that, huh?
           I am sorry, I feel I can't trust you with the worst of me.. and therefore can't give you the best of me. It's not you it's seriously me.

    Be well. Be very, very well Sweets.

  • Dear D***, I am so sorry for all of my hurtful words and actions. You have never deserved ANY of them. You are amazing. I love you.
  • Hey Arsi,
    i was mean but i don´t feel sorry about some things. I don´t regret about our arguments. But... i have to apologize. Maybe i just envy you.

  • Dear, sister of mine
    I'm sorry i told you to "...DIE for all I care". Although you are a two faced, selfish, judgmental, and a fake ass person, I still love you. Besides, you're my sister. I have no choice to love and put up with your shit.
    I'm sorry that you're just a stupid bitch relatively unlucky person, but it really was hilarious awful of me to bonk you in the face with that loaf of bread. I will admit, I was only 16 at the time, and it was just a loaf of bread. But telling me that I ruined your life wasn't exactly the most intelligent thing to do, and I was quite frankly tired of putting up with your bullshit. Please forgive me, sweetcheeks.

    I'll see you at Thanksgiving, 'kay?

    Hugs and kisses,
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