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What’s your biggest pet peeve?

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  • People who bully and hurt others whatsoever, whether by looks and staring to violent trauma and emotional abuse.
  • Lol, didn't you ask this question already?
  • My biggest pet peeve would be people interrupting me while I'm speaking. Nothing seems to really piss me off more than that. Interrupting me while I speak irks me enough to ruin my entire day, I HATE it. My friend Kenzie does it to me ALL THE TIME knowing I hate it and she retorts by telling me her ears don't turn off and I just feel like punching her in the elbow every time she does it. I hate being interrupted. 
  • You wage war with me if you go slow in the fast lane, then speed up once I move to the right to bypass you. AND THEN you keep pace with the car next to you. What do people get out of that? I really don't understand. I almost purposely rammed a car into the median that did that once. It was April, 2010. My Dad had just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a month earlier and had been in the hospital for 6 weeks. I had left the hospital in Philadelphia and gone back to work in Washington, DC that morning. Less than 8 hours later, my Mom called and asked me to come back to the hospital. I really needed to be there; Dad had made a sharp turn for the worse and was sliding fast. And so, I started my frantic drive back north. During this drive, some ass hole decided to stone wall me. I'm trying to get to the hospital before my Dad died, and this ass hole in a black Ford 250 kept pace with the car in the right lane at something like 40 mph. When I'd switch two lanes over, the ass would speed up and keep pace with me. Seriously. What do people get out of doing this? At one point, I was so frantic, I wanted to swerve him into the median, but then I'd never get home. After 15 miles of this, he got stuck behind some slow cars and a wall of trucks. I slipped through the wall of trucks in the nick of time. I didn't see him again. I used to get merely agitated with such things, but now I get furious to no end and have no tolerance. Such things bring back all the frantic anxiety of that stressful night. What do people get out of doing that?
  • I think it depends on the cricumstances. I am a rather laid back person so sometimes things bother me more than other times. I do have a strong adversion to being around people who are complaining about other people complaining. I hear it all the time, mostly at work, so if I hear it from my friends I usually go away.
  • My Biggest Pet Peeve? Wow I have so many I could probably write a novel full of them... but here is a few that really stand out in my mind: - People who drive too slow / or cut you off in traffic - People who park their cars in the driving lane of a parking lot instead of just moving down further into an actually parking spot. - People who talk in movie theatres - The phrase "If You're Not Mad?" when I'm serving someone at the store and they ask for something, followed by that evil and annoying phrase. Like seriously, you are making me mad with that sentence. And even if I was mad, I'd still have to serve you cause that's kinda my job. Yep... those are a few of the big ones! haha
  • The biggest pet peeve that I have is probably passive aggressive behavior. The worst "form" of this is in situations when people are angry about something and won't talk about it for one reason another yet ignore the situation (while still fuming inside), or just "act mad" without addressing the situation. I've seen this go on for years until the anger has planted a seed and resentment has built up to monumental levels. I have realized that acting like this is usually a behavior that someone has grown up with - learning to "just sweep things under the rug" rather than just expressing their real feelings in a healthy, open, honest, and tactful manner. But that doesn't make it right. I've grown to develop a very strong need to get issues out in the open and move on (my husband can definitely attest to this, as can pretty much anyone who is close to me). People might not always be receptive to your feelings about a situation, but if you don't let your issues be known, then there's no chance for any change or resolution to occur. Life is way too short to be pissed at family members or friends that you love and care about (or co-workers that you have to deal with, everyday).
  • Inconsiderate and flaky people...
  • The biggest most disgusting terrbile thing in this world that truly get on my last nerve is that no one seems to under stand the ''Treat others how you want to be treated motto''

    lets take a moment to think about this, if everyone followed this motto, there'd be respect and understanding, no war, no arguments, no criminals, peace, it's such a simple view of life, it's not hard to contemplate at all, so why can't people adopt it?!

    Even if it's just being polite to a fellow Student at school or a co-worker, holding the door open, saying thank you.

    I'm sure everyone would be happier if they teared others how they wanted to be treated.
  • dogs running after me @___@
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