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What always makes you laugh?

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  • A lot of things make me laugh. This story did today...

    My 16 year daughter, Reagan, was minding her own business taking a test in her third period class today.

    Suddenly, interrupting the dead silence, there comes through the walls of the adjoining class a loud repetitive chant from all of the football players doing their weight lifting.

    “REAGAN BROWN… REAGAN BROWN… REAGAN BROWN… REAGAN BROWN… REAGAN BROWN…” (Evidently a few of her friends knew she was in that class and convinced their whole team to chant with them!)

    Everyone stopped, looked up and over at Reagan, and started laughing including the teacher.

    She turned three shades of red but laughed, too.
  • Silly things i did.. you have to see it your self:D
  • Silly things i did.. You have to see it yourself.. hahahaha
  • Grover skits on youtube. :) Brandy's random comments. Random conversations with my dad. My many favorite sit-coms Making up parodies of various songs. And a ton of other stuff...The irony of life.
  • Anything funny. *^^*

    Especially (In no particular order):

    1. Cracked
    2. Reading HP fanfiction
    3. Looney Toons
    4. Various funny Youtube vids
    5. Anything where Santa is a mass murderer/bad guy
    6. Barney and his sick twisted ways >:)
    7. Grand Theft Elmo (*Wonders when part 3 is gonna come out*)

    And whole lot of other unsorted odds and ends. ^_________^
  • I have a close knit group of friends whom I consider my sisters and they're a whacky bunch! I'll always come home with a smile on my face because of them....Their constant misbehaving and craziness really makes me laugh... Hahaha.
  • when people say,''the blac-k bum-per ''

  • PUPPIES!!! ^__^ .
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