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What’s your favorite show on television?

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  • BBC Sherlock without a doubt
  • i enjoy Passtime, the biggest loser, terra nova and most of all, Law & Order SVU
  • The Lying Game.

    Ethan is so SO sexy.
  • I do not watch TV! because it is simple hypnosis and people vdalblivonie them as their idols that show onTV!!
  • I have a few favourites, but none of them are really new programmes.

    Been catching up on Bad Girls on CBS drama mostly. Having it recorded for when i get up every day gives me an hour or something to do eh?

    Other than that, lets think. Also catching up on the Robin Hood series as i never watched them all last time around, and Dexter (the serial killer)
  • theres a lot of them, Walking Dead, Dexter, Ghost Adventures, Big Bang Theory, and of corse Phenias and Ferb.
  • Criminal Minds (HELL YEAH). And Chuck's beginning to make its way on my television, too.
  • In the past: "Perfect Stangers." The show was very funny "Odd Couple" show filled with slap-stick and memorable catchphrases. Don't know why DVDs aren't coming out for the third season and beyond. (The spin-off Family Matters is apparently releasing a box set of Season 2 episodes next year.) Right now: Pardon the Interruption A sports show with "two guys yelling." Two now-former Washington Post columnists talk about various topics in the sports world, given a set amount of time for each topic. All the news, banter, and humor in sports you need to know in 30 minutes. Best show on ESPN. Though I wished the evening SportsCenter following the show was a better complement to it.
  • My favorite show has always been Little House on the Prairie. As corny as that may seem I love it. It relaxes me to watch it. As stressful and hectic as our everyday lives have become watching it puts me in a place where life is just simpler. Just everyday people working hard trying to live right and live by morals. I do know there was dramatization to the story and people's lives were just as hard as they as are today. But its nice to be able to dream or fantisize about living in a place where your neighbors treated you nice, small town gossip was usually the worst someone was going to do against you and at the end of a day your family gathers around the table, goes to bed, whatever, but the family is together and stays together.
  • The simpsons, Futurama, Breaking bad, southpark, family guy, weeds, and cartoons.
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