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Writer's Block

Desert island

List three books that have changed your life:

Answers (498)

  • "Illusions"
    "The Power of Myth"
    "The Artist's Way"

  • The 3 books that have changed my life are:
    • Go Ask Alice
    • Alice in Wonderland

    and as fair as the 3rd book, I haven't found it yet.
  • The first book is "White Fang" by; Jack London. It was the first book that I read for School that I truely enjoyed. I was giving a abridged version of it to read, and found that there was a copy of the full book at home and I requested to read it on my own along with the abridged version for extra credit. I was well worth the read. The second book is, "The Forgotten Door" by: Alexander Key. It, again, was a school assignment but once I started to read it I couldn't put it down. It was the first book I read all the way threw in one day, since I'm dyslexic that is saying something. Book number three is a toss up. Margret Mitchelles "Gone With the Wind" Which is the first (and only) book that I read that was over one-thousand pages or Alexandra Riply's "Scarlett the sequil to Margret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind". Which I read first before "Gone with the Wind" I read it after I saw the movie. Apon reading it, I descovered that I missed alot, not reading the first book so I finished reading "Scarlett" then I picked up "Gone with the Wind" and when I finished it, I read Scarlett (which it the first book over six-hundred pages that I read twice). So those are my choices, I hope some of you try and and enjoy them too!
  • Hard to say... but maybe: Farm City by Novella Carpenter (makes me want to have my own urban farm!!!!) Eat, Pray Love Beautiful Boy by David Sheff and then this one book I can't remember what it is and I'm upset =[ oh well, those are a few... books influence me a lot!

  • Recently, during Project XL the WDW Celebrations fan-sponsered event held in celebration of Walt Disney Worlds 40th anniversary, I had the opportunity to engage in a couple of "scavenger hunts". The first in Epcot was a photo/task based one with a bit of luck thrown into the mix by the fact you had to complete a puzzle with somewhat randomly distributed puzzle pieces. Although we had a lot of fun our team had poor luck with the pieces and we did not place. Later in the same trip I was teamed with two other Disney fans whom I had not met previously, and this was for a less task/photo based, and more of a trivia/attention to detail based one. This scavenger hunt was in the Magic Kingdom, and we did QUITE well, in fact we won. If I recall correctly, we were five points ahead of the second place team, which I think was the biggest spread between any two places. Still, as much FUN as we had, and despite the fact that MANY of the answers were things new to me, I doubt many of the answers to the things we got right will stick with me nearly as well as the things we tried to find but just could not find the correct answer to. In fact the things I think will stick with me for the longest time are the things we learned the answers too AFTER it was all over. For one thing this is because it is fun to go back and FIND these things afterward, I made a point of taking photos of a few of them later in the trip as I came upon them. I also have had a similar experience in the past that makes me think that this is true as well. In April 2001 less than a month after "Who Wants To be a Millionaire-  Play it" opened (According to Wikipedia it opened April 7, 2001) I managed to get in the "hot seat", much like the, then popular, television show you "locked in your prizes at the 1000 point and 32,000 point level and the levels progressed as follows;
    prizes 5 pin set with those point levels on them,WWTBAM pin lanyard, 1000 point embroidered ball cap

     5 pin set with those point levels on them, the CD-Rom Version of the Show, WWTBAM logo polo shirt
    1 million point leather jacket, 1,000,000 point medallion, Disney Cruise Line vacation for four

    Well the first several questions were fairly easy, many of the low point value ones related to Walt Disney World, and the basic disney characters,  I even got through 32,000 fairly easily, but by the time I got to the 250,000 point question I had burned my lifelines, I think I used the "phone a complete stranger" one to help confirm my hunch on a baseball related question, and I think I used another lifeline on the 250,000 point level question too, but when the potential answers to the 250,000 point question were read off the first words out of my mouth were something like "well I know it's not scrimshaw" unfortunately since the question was "the art of carving bone or Ivory is:" I was completely wrong. 

    Still as you can see from the photo below I was quite happy with my 10 pins, lanyard, hat, polo shirt and CD rom.

    and I'll NEVER forget that the art of carving bone or Ivory IS Scrimshaw!
    1. Harry Potter
    2. The Alchemist
    3. Perks of being a Wallflower

  • Властелин Колец. Ночной Дозор. Гарри Поттер.
  • My response is actually a combination from two past Xanga Daily Questions:
    1) Has a fictional character ever given you an epiphany that helped in real life?
    2) Have you ever read a book that made you change the way you think about certain things? What was it?

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  That's the Golden Rule we've been taught to live by, which I try to.  That's why I often wonder if I'm really self-centered though people may say I that I'm nice and care about others.

    For the past few years, especially after reading Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings and learning more about Star Wars, I have been worrying that I'm doing good things only for to obtain rewards, avoid punishments, be liked and accepted, go to heaven, or other  selfish reasons, especially since people have said that I'm "evil," "self-centered," and other negative words and phrases.

    The powers of the Dark Lords in HP, LOTR, and SW would test my true personality, and I fear that I will be the first to be corrupted by Lord Voldemort, Melkor, Sauron, the One Ring, and Emperor Palpatine.  If I have been behaving pleasantly only for rewards, then that will be true.

    It will also happen if I'm just trying to fake and show off how "nice" I am by helping others and carrying out good deeds, which is very possible.  This would make me twice as evil: for being a bad person and cheating by hiding it.  Maybe I'm trying to ease others' suffering to relieve my own suffering from it, which is another intention of egoism.

    A big proof of my ego is personal problems bothering me more than war and major disasters.  For example, when I don't do well in school, or get attacked at a MB, I am so upset that it can interfere with my daily life.  However, I didn't feel as much pain during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, earthquakes and tsunamis in the past few years, or war with Iraq.  Those problems are many times worse than school issues or personal conflicts, and should bother me more, but they didn't, showing how selfish and evil I am.

    People have said that we need to take care of ourselves first, but that's for safety, health, and prevention of making situations worse.  For example, in CPR and First Aid classes, we are taught to make sure the scene is safe before approaching victims, because we don't want to make ourselves victims and increase the number of victims.  However, I'm afraid that I think about myself first in everything, even in safe situations, which makes me evil.  Those books really made me I wonder if there really is such thing as an altruistic personality.

    Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery also made me realize something about myself that I wasn’t aware of.  In the story, the creative and imaginative Anne Shirley liked to read, write, and imagine things.  However, when she and her friend imagined about the woods near their home being haunted, they became afraid to walk through it at night.  From that she learned that she had let her imagination run wild and get out-of-hand, and I realized that the same thing had happened to me with quite a few things.

    I often like to imagine things like magic, going to fantasy lands, and other things that would take me away from the difficulties of life, especially when I was a child.  Unfortunately, quite a few times, I let my fantasies and imagination get out-of-hand, and start to want those things badly that they sometimes affected my daily life.  It's similar to starting to believe in our own lies.  After reading about what happened to Anne Shirley, I started to try stopping myself from imagining those things too much.

    In the past, whenever I heard a compliment or something nice about someone, or someone happens to do something nice for me, I would want to be friends with him or her.  I would think about those people as nice friends who would help, hang out, and be there for me.  I would start to imagine myself with them, talking and having a good time.  However, my dreams regarding those people were usually shattered when they kept playing mind games, acting upset at me, and being cliquey.  That often made me sick.

    After reading about Anne letting her imagination run wild, I realized that I had done the same thing, and began to keep reminding myself not to let my expectations, imagination, and fantasies run too wild and get out-of-hand.  I eventually learned that people who said that certain people are nice do not really know them well, and just because some people made a kind gesture towards me once doesn't mean they are always nice and helpful.  I figured that I could try making friends, but not imagine all those nice scenarios that may not occur.  That way, I wouldn't begin wanting those things to happen so badly, and becoming too disappointed if they didn't happen.  It is similar to expecting too much.

    Anne's lesson also reminded me of the lesson of not expecting too much.  When I fantasize those nice scenarios, I start to expect and want them to happen soon.  Then when they don't happen, it's very upsetting.  It's the same with many things in life: expecting and fantasizing too much usually leads to disappointment.  Cutting down on expectations and fantasies has helped me get more things done and avoid some disappointment
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