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Are you more of an entertainer who makes others laugh? Or do you prefer to be entertained?

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  • both
  • A bit of both... I don't want to be the only one making jokes, but I don't want the other person taking reign over the conversation either. I feel like there shouldn't be concern of entertainment, it should just come naturally...
  • I have my share of one-liners, but most are derived from historical entertainment. I'd say half-and-half, but I prefer to be entertained. :)

  • I'd very ,much prefer to be the one entertained, but I wouldn't mind inducing some laughs from others. I don't really have the gift of the gab-- not in the humour department anyway, so, my attempts at inducing laughs have been--for lack of a better word-- feeble. However, when I don't attempt to make others laugh, I somehow frequently get the unprecedented chuckle and roars.

  • I can't help myself, I love to make people laugh - I have fun with humor in my writing (my first publication was a Thelma & Louise parody - I think screenwriter/director Callie Khouri is an awesome writer!).

    Humor can be a tool, it can be a way to hide and make things light and fluffy, it can be a way to cope with pain and rejection. If I lose my sense of humor, just go ahead and shoot me.

  • I like to entertain people :D im a weird kind of person so when i randomly express myself, i cheer up somebody's day :D they laugh all the time
  • I tell the truth. My honest truth as in what I'm thinking. People think it's funny. I sit there like "Bitch, I'm talking about you." They still don't get it. My BFF always gets it though.
  • I would much rather be making people laugh than passively observing the jokes of others. I'm never happier than when I am making other people laugh...intentionally any way. ;)
  • I love to make people laugh but I am so easily entertained that I practically laugh at everything. My cousin is always getting on me because my laugh starts out loud...

  • I'm always the entertainer in my group of friends. As a very sociable and easy going person, I love to make a few jokes now and then and make my friends laugh. However- I also love it when other people are entertaining. I suppose I could go either way.
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