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Paging Al Gore

Would you give up the Internet for $10 million? (this is for the rest of your life.)

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  • Hell Yes. Im on the internet probably once a month just to do bullshit. with 10 million dollars i could keep myself plenty busy
  • ещё был приплатил
  • нет
  • um fuck no i love the internet it keeps me company, i have made some awesome friends because of it, and i would feel very sad without it because it keeps me sane and not thank of anything in the real world, I love to read fan fictions and look at peoples fan art i love making and posting my fan art  online, without the internet in my life it would be so sad in my world full of drama lol.
  • I don't think so. Internet is where I get much of what I want to read, both available to read online or something I can buy. Without it I'd only have access to what I found physically or someone felt like telling me. Actually, I think that's the same with on the Internet, only on a massive scale: you search for something or you happen on it by reading something else, and that depends entirely on someone putting it up there in the first place. So no. Maybe if I thought I could get enough out of life without the Internet, but I'm not seeing that even if I was financially independent, which I doubt I would be because I wouldn't know what to do with ten million dollars and my family would then want to take charge of the money for my own good, which would lead to the opposite of financial independence.
  • Fuck no. Need internet. Internet is love.
  • с удовольствием)) при условии, что все остальные тоже!
  • Да, и на эти деньги купила бы большой дом, куда смсками пригласила бы всех своих друзей))) Развиртуал всегда круче)))
  • Dear Paging Al Gore,
    Yes I would give up Internet for the rest of my life for Ten Million Dollars.
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