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Of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste), which would you willing to give up, and why?

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  • Of my five senses I would definitely choose smell. I wouldn't be able to go far without my sight, for one I'm extremely clumsy even with my sight, which would probably make me even more accident prone. The sense of sound I wouldn't give up for anything in the world. I can't live without music, heck I can't live without Super Junior, and I spend most of my time listening to my ipod, I swear you cannot find me without any kind of music at any given time, I keep my ipod on me at all times, and I almost always have an earphone in my ear. The sense of touch wouldn't be all that hard to live without, but I do like soft thingy, and if I didn't have that sense, I'd probably go nuts, not being able to feel anything. The sense of taste is something I cannot live without, I live for sweet things. I love ice cream even though I can't eat much for being lactose intolerant, but still.
    Losing my sense of smell wouldn't be as bad as the others, considering I wouldn't have to smell any of the really bad smelling things, like sewage or anything rotting. Heck what I wouldn't give to be able to walk down the street and not have some ghastly stink waft through my nose. It gets worse in some parts of town then others. I don't know what I would do with out the ability to smell anything nice, like really nice perfume, the smell of just baked cookies or bread. I love the smell of freshly baked bread. Or the smell of coffee, I love that smell too, you know the nice smell you get when you walk into a Tim Horton's or Starbucks? Heck I don't even know if I could live without being able to smell the air right after it rains. I love that, I spend hours outside when its raining and when it stops. I guess I don't think I'm willing to give up any of my senses, but I think the sense of smell would be the easiest one to live without.

  • Пожалуй, обоняние. Хотя его тоже жалко было бы потерять..
  • Taste. Everything pretty much tastes the same to me anyways now, the other senses are more important to me. 
  • Can't really live without them can you?  I mean you really want to SEE the things that are around you, HEAR those things moving, TOUCH the objects before you, SMELL those pastries and TASTE those pastries.  But can you really live without ONE of these essential tools in life?  Yes.  And I would have to go with SIGHT.  Why?

    Without seeing you loose your sense of direction, you think.  WIthout SIGHT, you think you can't function.  Well, actually you can.  See when you lose your sight, it takes your body a few days to "recalibrate" itself and it hightens your other senses and your smell is ten times better, your hearing is much much better and every other sense that you have misplaces your sight one so that you can survive.  If you lost any one of the other ones the other senses will be much better but you can smell with your eyes, you can't hear with your eyes.  It be much better if you were blind then if you were deaf.  Just saying.

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  • I feel like all of the senses compliment each other so it's almost impossible to choose. Of course seeing, hearing, and touching I feel are the most important ones because they would affect normal life the most. I suppose I would think about smell or taste, kind of leaning towards taste... just think of all the things I would be able to eat =]
  • Taste. Hands down. Then I could eat a healthy diet never wanting anything else. I'd still smell and feel food. I'd see my art, be able to make it. I could still hear, see, and feel nature's glory. So yeah... taste. I'd probably brush my teeth more since I couldn't taste how gross tooth paste is.
  • I don't think I ever want to lose any of my 5 sense because each one of them is very important to human. What I regret now is I'm not a good job in taking care of it. Right now, my eyesight is very poor. I could never see things clearly without my glasses. I'm like a blind person without my glasses. I don't even remember when did my eyes can see clearly. So, right now I promise myself to taking good care of all the 5 senses.
  • Of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste), which would you willing to give up, and why?

    Does my sense of sound mean my ability to hear, or my ability to speak? I think I could learn to deal with being deaf, but honestly I'd prefer being mute. THere's no way I'd ever give up my ability to see; I love looking at the world around me too much. Og course, if I didn't know sign, this would be a much harder question . . . :)
  • before I choose, which of the 5 senses I am willing to give up, let me first tell you teeny weeny reasons, why experiencing each of the senses in a simple situations, a heaven to me. Sense of Sight. I love darkness. Especially when I am about to sleep. One thing people find it weird about me is that, I am a light and at the same time, a heavy sleeper. I am alight sleeper, cause, whenever I am asleep I usually jerk back to wakefulness at a mere flick of a light. But, a heavy sleeper cause I usually sleep like a log even if there's a booming sound or noise around me. Much as I love darkness (though, only at night) I am afraid with it. I can't imagine myself living in a complete world of darkness. Without my sight, I wouldn't be able to enjoy watching my favorite TV programs, reading my books and novels, plus the fan fictions that I am hooked. I would not be able to watch sunrise and sunset (my fave phenomena everyday). I wouldn't be able to see thet faces of the people around me. I wouldn't be able to walk by myself without having the people around me worrying about my safety. Sense of Hearing. I love listening to music especially the classic ones. I also love to sing. Singing and listening to music gives me this certain feeling of contentment and satisfaction and peace. Whenever I am stressed out, I usually listen to classical sonatas and also some contemporary music. I've learned in my Anatomy class that our speech is affected by our hearing. True enough, I have encountered some people who are deaf that has a difficulty in speaking because he doesn't have that certain concept of the sound and diphthongs and the like. How can I possible enjoy my life without music? WITHOUT being able to hear anything? How can I possible talk when I don't even know the sound of each letter and how to produce its sound. Sense of Touch One thing I love during rainy days ( I am in a tropical country, so we only have to seasons, the dry and wet season ^_^)is that I am able to wear jackets or sweatshirts and snuggle in my bed and listen to music and read a good novel. It has always been my dream to cuddle under a blanket with my future husband or play in a pouring rain holding his hand and feeling the rain drops tickling my skin (Yeah, I know, me and my fluffy imagination) Being in a relationship entails physical intimacy before you jump in to absurd conclusion, I am not referring about sex. What I mean is, those cuddles, holding hands, kisses. maybe for some people, sex is included, but for me, I'll save it on my wedding night.(hiiiiiiiiii XD and by the way, I'd like to call it as lovemaking) Without the sense of Touch, how am I able to communicate my feelings which are difficult to express through words alone? Sense of Smell I am cologne addict. I have a lot of colognes and some perfumes. I cannot leave our house without spraying a cologne against my body. One of my fave scent is the D&G Light Blue. I usually like a fruity scent like Victoria's Secret Berry Kiss and Strawberries and Champagne. But D&G Light Blue has its own appeal. It gives off a fresh scent. Whenever I catch a cold, it usually takes its course within a week or two before I fully recuperate. And within that period is one of the my dreaded moment. My hearing, sense of taste and smell is usually affected. I hate it when I am am not able to smell the cologne that I have sprayed. Or enjoy the scent and aroma of the the scented candles I usually lit whenever I try to release my stress. Sense of Taste My mom's cooking is a superb. One of my favorite food is my mother's spaghetti. She usually serve it only for special occasions such as Christmas and New Year so we only get to eat it during those seasons. I love to eat. But thankfully, I don't easily get fat. I indulge my self with food whenever I feel bored or when I am so depressed. I love to eat sweets. Chocolates, Cakes, Ice Cream and Fruit Salads are my first loves. Can you just imagine your self without those sinful foods at tines when you feel alone and there's no one to keep you company except your faves? Wouldn't it be as devastating as hell without experiencing and savoring the luscious taste of chocolate?. Huuuu. Just the mere thought of chocolate annd my other fave sweets makes my my water. Thankfully, all my senses and intact and functioning properly. My life will never be as beautiful as it is without these 5 senses. And there is now way that I am giving up any of them. ^_______^
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