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What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

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  • "I've notice that you're actually a smart person. Use your intellidence wisely."

    That is the nicest thing anyone said to me. It was said to me when I was 10 by my Science teacher in elementary school. Among other compliments that I get, this one struck the most. I don't really know why. Maybe because I would like someone to acknowledge I'm good at something. Acknowledge that I'm smart at something. Since I always feel inferior in the family or among my friends, I think that phrase is really important to me.
  • A boy in my French class turned to me and asked me a question, but then afterwards complimented me and said, "You have really pretty eyes." 
  • The nicest thing someone told me is "Josh, I love you." I think that takes the cake.
  • Come to think of it, Several people have said nice things about me or for me

    demon-pet: "Your Story Is My Favourite Fic" 
    Ihbsxbox:  I just checked in on your blog~ PURE MIND-BLOWING AMAZINGNESSS :D
    Patti: I think you’re really nice. It feels easy talking to you. :)
    Nana: hey hey hey! what’s wrong with you???? you said nobody like your work? then what about me??? can’t you see me as your number 1 huge fan?

  • The nicest thing someone has ever said to me.. Many things come to mind, but one really does stick out. "I love you with all I got you do know that <3 your one of the the most important people in my life. I will protect you through anything. Promise. <3" Hes amazing. My bestfriend, my brother, my world. I love you. <3
  • Бесспорно, победа (с)
  • что этот человек меня любит)))
  • And I quote. "My very dear *Me* I think you are a very wonderful girl and I don't think people appreciate you nearly enough, myself included....... I look forward to many more happy times with you before I leave................ Sincerely with love for always *Friends name*
  • So, the nicest things anyone has ever said to me... Hmmm, well, I have been lucky in life to be surrounded by wonderful friends and a loving family and every day of my life I have probably had something nice said to me. You should never, ever take "I Love You" for granted. Ever! The one thing that stands out for me is an old work mate once wrote in my Christmas card "You are a truly cherished part of my life...". That made me feel warm and fuzzy and special. It was from a male colleague and was not coming from a weird, romantic place or inappropriate behaviour. I felt lucky that he would feel comfortable enough to say something like that to me and that I had made a difference in his life, just by being a friend. Sometimes people say things and they don't realise how much their words mean to you...this was one of those times. Be careful what you say, and say it carefully...
  • I have had a lot of people say sweet things.  There are only three things from three people that will ever mean anything to me.

    "You are smarter, prettier, sweeter than them." MR

    "You are the only person who has ever treated me this way." AC

    "You are my only friend."  RT

    It is simple but I know it's true at least.
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